Thinking about joining a Challenge? Common Challenge FAQs

Challenges are a great way for nonprofits of all sizes to raise money, win bonus prizes and rally their community around their cause.

CrowdRise Challenges offer a unique experience to nonprofits looking to fundraise for their cause. Challenges allow nonprofits compete in a friendly fundraising competition to raise the most money within a certain period of time.

See below for common questions about CrowdRise Challenges:

1. I’m a small/new organization. Is it worth it for me to participate?  

Absolutely. Challenges are designed to help your organization leverage your network, gain awareness and learn more about social fundraising. We encourage charities of all sizes to participate.

We also encourage checking the Challenge you’re interested in to see if there are Weekly Bonus Challenges. Weekly Bonus Challenges will include a variety of rules and prizes so organizations of all sizes have opportunities to win something. If you are worried you might not be able to compete for one of the grand prizes, we recommend picking a Bonus Challenge or two to rally your supporters which will still allow you the option to take home additional funds.

We also provide all organizations with plenty of resources to successfully run a Challenge campaign (like Toolkits, sample messaging templates and calendars) and we’re always ready to answer your questions along the way.

2. How do I find out about future Challenges?

Since all Challenges are different, recruitment times for each one varies.

Challenges can be focused on a certain cause space, Challenge sponsors may preselect a group of charities to participate, or the application may be open to any eligible organization. We recommend claiming your organization’s account on our site and making sure you opt in to receive CrowdRise emails to receive future email updates.

You can also email us at any time to hear more about upcoming Challenges that may fit your organization.

3. Can I see some examples of previous Challenges?

Challenges come in all shapes and sizes. Some are focused on a certain cause space (e.g Animals, poverty and hunger, women), others are focused on organizations in a certain region (e.g The Midwest, the city of Los Angeles), others are a mix of everything (e.g The Holiday Challenge). Please note that you don’t need to be able to raise a ton of money or have the biggest following ever in order to participate or be successful in a Challenge.

You can check out some great examples below...

You can also Click Here to check out more examples of Challenges.

4. How do I prepare for a challenge?

We want to ensure that all Challenge participants are fully-equipped for a Challenge. That's why we provide Challenge-specific toolkits that include messaging plans, calendars, social media templates and pre-written press releases. Definitely check out these resources before the Challenge is underway.

Secondly, we recommend developing additional messaging strategy. Start by checking out our "How to Create a Messaging Plan" article, along with the rest of our Strategy Guides. A successful Challenge experience starts and ends with strong, consistent messaging.

You may also want to consider recruiting fundraisers before the Challenge begin, so they're ready to go and begin sharing the campaign with their own networks as soon as the Challenge officially launches. We find that those who are the most successful in Challenges often have large teams of people fundraising along side each other on their campaign. Challenges are built for multi-team, social and peer-to-peer fundraising, so get as many people involved with your campaign as possible.

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