Challenge FAQs

Review common questions regarding fundraising in a Challenge on CrowdRise

Because Challenges are a type of contest, the rules regarding donations are a bit more stringent than they would be on a regular CrowdRise campaign. It's important to know what is and isn't permitted when it comes to Challenges to ensure that every donation is an eligible one.

Can we raise funds offline and have them count towards our Challenge total?

You can definitely collect funds offline during the Challenge if you’d like. You can even add the total to your Challenge campaign by following these steps. However, please note that only online donations will count towards any prizes. Please keep in mind that offline donations will only show on your individual fundraising page; they won't be calculated into the Challenge leaderboard rankings. Please review the Official Rules of the Challenge you’re a part of for more detailed info.

One more important note: collecting offline donations and then donating them as a proxy is against Challenge rules. Please be sure to check the rules for your specific Challenge for more details.

Can I start fundraising before the start of the Challenge and then merge that effort with our Challenge page?

We’re not able to merge an existing campaign with any Challenge campaign. All donations must be made online to your dedicated Challenge campaign during the duration of the Challenge in order to count towards your total raised or be eligible for any prizes.

Please note that the CrowdRise team will build your official Challenge campaign (unless otherwise noted) and you’ll receive an email with the link for you to use once the Challenge begins. Any campaign you create outside of the Challenge will not qualify.

If you have any questions about which campaign you should be using for the Challenge you’re participating in, email us so we can help.

Can I continue fundraising after a Challenge ends?

Donate buttons are only active during the Challenge timeframe and will deactivate at the conclusion of the Challenge. Be sure to check out the Official Rules of the Challenge you’re participating in to confirm the correct start and end times.

You can definitely start a new campaign to continue fundraising afterwards by heading here. Feel free to email us and we can help you set up a URL redirect.

We’re new to this type of fundraising and our donors aren’t comfortable donating online. Is the site secure?

CrowdRise is absolutely secure and safe for you and your donors to use. You can review this security article for more details.

Most challenges dictate that only donations made online, with a credit card will count toward the challenge total. Review the official rules for the specifics about the challenge you've entered.

What do we do if our donors are having trouble donating to our Challenge campaign?

We know how important it is to get donations through during the time period of any Challenge. If any of your donors are having trouble, they should check out this helpful article.

If they’re still having trouble, please have them email us with as much info as possible and we’ll dig in as quickly as we can.

What should I do if I’m no longer able to participate in a Challenge I joined?

We’re sad to see you go but definitely want to make sure you’re properly removed from the Challenge. Please email us so we can help make it happen.

Please note that if you remove your Challenge page on your own through your Campaign Dashboard you will be removed from the Challenge, but you will still be on the list to receive emails regarding the Challenge.