Can I give anonymously? How?

At checkout, the donor has the ability to select "don't show my name" to prevent their name to be displayed on the campaign. However, donor information is still visible to the campaign organizer and the admin of the benefiting nonprofit.

Yes, you can make your donation anonymous.

During the donation process, donors can choose to select the "Don't Show My Name" checkbox. The donation will show up on CrowdRise as "Anonymous" with the donation amount visible or hidden depending on the settings selected.


Note: The organizer of the campaign and the admin of the benefiting nonprofit will be able to view the donor's information as it appears at checkout, even if the anonymous settings are checked.

If you’ve already made your donation and want your name or donation amount hidden, Email Us.

Is there a way to make my donation 100% anonymous so nobody can see my name?

We not offer a way to donate completely anonymously, based on feedback from beneficiaries and campaign organizers. Anonymous donations prevented them from properly issuing donor acknowledgments and rectifying their accounts.

That being said, the best way to make a completely anonymous donation is to mail a cashier's check directly to the campaign organizer, made out to the nonprofit their fundraiser benefits. The organizer can add it to their campaign as an Offline Donation.