Bowling campaign playbook

Rally supporters of all ages to participate in a Bowling campaign benefitting your nonprofit. Follow the playbook to organize a successful Bowling campaign on CrowdRise.

A bowling campaign is a fun, easy and accessible way to allow people of all ages to participate in a fundraising event.


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Why organize a bowling event?

Hosting your live event at a bowling alley is an affordable way to gather your supporters in a place that is already well-suited for groups. Food, entertainment and parking should be easily-organizable so you can focus on connecting with your supporters before and during the event. No physical training is required, and the large space at a bowling alley accommodates large groups and kids.

Strategic Functionality

Activate the functionality listed below to craft the perfect bowling campaign, leveraging the best practices we’ve included for each feature.




Multiple-team fundraising

An activity like bowling provides a natural opportunity to allow your participants to fundraise in groups. Recruit your most passionate supporters and encourage them to form groups and compete against other teams to determine who can raise the most money. Each team member gets his/her own campaign page to reach out to their own networks.




How to make the most of it:

  • Message your supporters to encourage them to gather their family, coworkers, softball team or roommates to join a bowling team and fundraise as a part of your event.
  • Provide incentives* for bowling team captains to recruit more people to their team. For example, recognize the team or individual that raises the most money at the event


Click here for specific instructions on how to add teams to your campaign.



Collect information from your bowlers and set an upfront ticket price to attend your event.




How to make the most of it:

  • Add ticket options for bowlers to purchase an individual ticket, a whole team or lane, different times to bowl or sponsor your event.
  • Allow a supporter to purchase multiple tickets at once by enabling Group Registration. For example, Group Registration would enable one person will be signing up an entire lane or family group.
  • Add ticket options for upgrades at the event, such as merchandise, preferred lanes or a food and drink package.
  • Encourage supporters to get involved early by setting variable registration prices, such as “Early Bird”. For example, set your initial ticket price to $25, then up the price to $30 one month out from the event.
  • Implement Promo Codes to give discounts on ticket prices, such as for your sponsors or volunteers.


Click Here for detailed instructions on how to add registration/ticketing to your campaign.


Fundraising Minimums*

Anticipate donation volume and stay under budget with confidence by setting a minimum amount each participant must fundraise in order to join your event. Consider providing extra incentives* to those who raise a certain amount as a part of your bowling event.




How to make the most of it

  • Consider your audience, goals, and registration pricing when setting fundraising minimums, either in registration or in order to join your campaign.
  • Incorporate fundraising minimums into your registration ticket options, offering bowlers to fundraise the cost of their ticket rather than pay up front.
  • Set checkpoints for fundraising minimums, which are incremental and more-attainable monetary goals along the way to a larger goal. Checkpoints make fundraising feel a lot less daunting!
  • Send reminders via the fundraising minimum manager throughout your campaign to participants with a fundraising minimum and consider sending a personal congratulations once they meet their goal.


See here for specific instructions on how to set a fundraising minimum.


Text to Give/Ticket*

Allow your supporters to text a keyword of your choice to receive a link to donate or register for your bowling event.


Text to Donate


How to make the most of it:

  • Choose a short, relevant trigger word to remind your participants of your cause.
  • Share your trigger word everywhere you can. Put your word on a placard at each lane to allow donors to easily donate during your event, perhaps including a prize (see more on Incentives below) to encourage participation.
  • Set up your keyword to link directly into your registration flow to allow attendees to easily purchase tickets.


Read more about setting up Text to Donate Here.



Campaign Updates

Keep your supporters engaged and up-to-date as your bowling event date approaches by posting Campaign Updates often and throughout the duration of your campaign.




How to make the most of it

  • Send at least 3 campaign updates throughout your campaign to complement your usual messaging. Consider sending a few weeks prior to your event, during the event, and immediately afterwards.
  • Include content that your supporters care about:
  • Relay important information to your bowlers via the Campaign Update tool, like what time bowling starts, as well as any exciting updates about the competition, alley or scoreboards.
  • Inform your attendees and donors about how their donations have already made an impact. For example, equate your current dollars raised with a tangible outcome, eg. “Your donations so far have provided over 100 vaccinations to at-risk children!”
  • Keep your donors updated on how close you are to goal, or other memorable milestones like progress year-over-year or number of donations received so far. Including stats like these make people want to get in on the action.


For details on how to send a Campaign Update, Click Here.

















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