Are there goal requirements or deadlines when I set up a campaign?

There are no goal requirements or deadlines when fundraising on CrowdRise. Every dollar you raise goes to your designated beneficiary.

There are no goal requirements and no deadlines when you use CrowdRise for your fundraising. If you do not reach your fundraising goal, the benefitting nonprofit will still receive all of the money you raised.

Setting a goal is a great idea, however, and we do recommend setting one. Setting a goal allows you have a target to talk about with your supporters. Your goal can be changed at any time, and you can always set a new one if you reach it.

See our best tips on setting a goal in "How to set a campaign goal."

There are also no deadline requirements. You can set a deadline to give, but it does not "turn off or end your campaign when it reaches that date. Instead, use a deadline to create momentum and a sense of urgency to compel your supporters to give.

On CrowdRise, your campaign lives forever and you can continue to keep raising money even after your campaign is "over" as long as the DONATE button stays active. See more on how to end a campaign.