Account ownership policy

CrowdRise accounts and the data within them are owned by the admin whose email is tied to the account. In cases where an admin has changed and you can no longer access your account, please reach out to our Customer Support team.

Who owns a CrowdRise account?

There are two types of CrowdRise accounts - Charity and Personal.

When you sign up for CrowdRise, a personal account is created. You are the owner of that account and all the data contained within. Account owners, as well as CrowdRise personnel, are the only people who can access data contained within the account.

Charity accounts are tied to the organization’s EIN/BRN, issued by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) or CRA (Canadian Revenue Agency). By default, charity accounts have no owner until they are claimed by a vetted representative of the organization, using a Personal CrowdRise account.

Once an individual uses their personal CrowdRise account to claim a charity, those two accounts become linked together. That individual is made the administrator of the charity account and all of the information contained within.

Charities who are on Premium and Enterprise subscriptions can have multiple administrators. We recommend designating additional admins you trust, so updates can be made to the account when you’re not available.

What if I no longer work for the charity I’ve claimed? Will I lose my CrowdRise account?

Your CrowdRise account will always belong to you, no matter where you go. If you have used your personal account to claim a charity which you are no longer affiliated with, simply reach out to Customer Support and let us know. We will unlink your personal account from the charity account so you can continue using your personal CrowdRise as an individual.

You may decide to update the email address on your account from your former organization email address to a private one. This can be managed in your account settings. Reach out if you need any assistance.

What if my charity is claimed, but the former admin has left the organization?

We understand that employee and volunteer turnover is common in the nonprofit world, so the owner(s) of the charity account may no longer be with the organization for any number of reasons. If this happens and you need gain access to a claimed charity account for which the owner is not reachable, please have the new desired administrator create their own personal CrowdRise account and then contact Customer Support with both the charity EIN/BRN and personal account information. We recommend using an organizational email address for fastest service.

The new administrator will be vetted to confirm that they are an authorized representative of the charity, then added to the account in place of the current admin.

For additional information about content ownership, reference our Terms of Use, General Terms Applicable to Fundraisers, Charities, Donors and All Other Users, section 7.