Social fundraising in the real world

Chapter one:
Shares have real value

Every nonprofit seems to have the same problem…

You need to spread more awareness, reach more people, and most importantly, raise more money.

Can a social share really help achieve all that? Well, you’d be surprised. The power and value of social fundraising is real, so check out our eGuide on the first key concept to understand - social shares add real value to your organization.


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Take a peek inside chapter 1

Spread awareness - sharing spreads awareness about your mission that is so critical to your organization’s success. What can more social shares potentially bring you? Increased issue awareness for organizations who need to let the world know a problem exists. Awareness of your nonprofit by connecting your organizations work with people who may need your help or want to learn more. Even new donors, anyone from grassroots to high wealth, everyone has a social media presence. On that note, you never know who’s out there: new volunteers, fundraisers, grantors, or corporate partners.

Think about an example - one of your supporters is an average Facebook user with 155 friends. You get them to donate and share their donation. How many people like that do you need to share an action (like donating) in order to make 10,000 new people aware of your nonprofit? The answer, only 65. A lot easier then hosting all those dinners and events.