4 easy ways to boost post-event engagement

The hours and days following your nonprofit fundraising event are some of the most important times to create long lasting engagement with your attendees.

Turn one-time donors or event registrants into long-time supporters with our proven tips for maximizing the time after your event is over.

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Sneak peek at tip #3

Tip #3: Get personal and unexpected. The third message is a great opportunity to show appreciation for your attendees in a more personal way. This communication should feel a little unexpected. Maybe it’s handwritten note, a very personalized email, a photo of them at the event, a phone call, etc. This personal touch shows your supporter how much you value them, because you’re taking the time to reach out to them in a more meaningful way.

This could mean a lot of people to reach out to. So, this is a great time to think about segmentation. For example, communicating to volunteers versus high-wealth donors versus the top 50 runners with the best time — each of these messages could look uniquely different. This a chance for you to speak to these groups in a way that resonates with them.