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Unlock your community’s massive potential by turning your donors into DIY and peer-to-peer fundraisers on the most optimized platform for social fundraising

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Social fundraising

Fully optimized social sharing for your fundraisers

Our optimized social sharing throughout peer-to-peer campaign creation, fundraiser management, and donation checkout is proven to increase awareness and to drive more donations.

DIY Fundraising

Do-it-yourself fundraising campaigns branded for your organization

Easily add your logo and colors to all DIY peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns launched on behalf of your organization.

Easy fundraising features

Easy-to-use fundraising tools for your community

From automatic receipts and donor thank yous to video campaign updates, your peer-to-peer fundraisers get the essential tools they need to crush their fundraising goals.

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Why CrowdRise by GoFundMe?

Over $5 billion in donations

With over $5 billion raised, we have by far the most social fundraising expertise of anyone in the world

50 million+ donors

With a community of more than 50 million donors, we are changing the way the world gives

Over 1 million campaigns launched

We are the clear industry leader in optimization and innovation in fundraising

Social Amp™ features

Social Amp™ is our optimized social sharing experience proven to increase social sharing, new donations, and campaign awareness

One Campaign™ platform

Our One Campaign™ platform is extremely flexible allowing you to combine registration, ticketing, and team & event fundraising


Easily launch, customize, brand and manage your campaigns and emails without a web developer or graphic designer

Mobile optimized

With over 60% of donations being done on a mobile device, our responsive campaigns are optimized for all screen sizes

Intuitive user experience

A beautifully designed and intuitive user experience means you'll spend less time searching for feature setting and more time raising money


From donation page to DIY peer-to-peer fundraising pages, you set the brand experience that your fundraisers, donors, and visitors have

Email configuration

Control your supporter's experience with your brand, right down to the email design and content

Registration & ticketing

Use CrowdRise by GoFundMe for all of your complex events with a robust, integrated ticketing & registration system

Secure & compliant

CrowdRise by GoFundMe is 100% PCI compliant, meaning that your sensitive donor data is always safe and secure

Data & analytics

Use detailed data reporting to build upon your successes and, unlike other platforms, you own 100% of your sensitive donor data

Industry leading response time

We'll shock you with the greatest customer service in the world. Our staff is ready to dig in to make sure your campaign or event goes off without a hitch


Comprehensive education, training, and more for you and your team

Fundraising expertise

Our team has the most social fundraising experience anywhere, ready to employ best practices and proven approaches to make your campaign a success

Nonprofit peer-to-peer fundraising

* Features available to Premium and Enterprise Customers

Optimized for social sharing

Sharing throughout fundraiser page creation, campaign management, proven to increase sharing and ultimately bring in more donations.

Branded DIY fundraising*

Your logo and colors are extended to all DIY peer-to-peer fundraising across the platform.

Easy donor thank yous

Your fundraisers can quickly and easily thank their donors with one click.

Mobile optimized

Fully responsive and mobile-optimized campaign and donate pages means your donors can easily donate from any device.