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A little look into holiday messaging

Email body text: Next comes the email body. The lead sentence or sentences in the email body are the most important in the email — perhaps the entire campaign. Our goal with the opening lines is to create value by speaking directly to your supporter in a personal way. Maybe they’re a dedicated volunteer. Or, maybe they’re a recurring donor. By speaking to their personal experience, you make it initially about them, which makes them interested. The more it can be specifically addressed to them, the better. We also recommend trying to connect with them on any shared experience you may have. So, let’s look at our lead sentences. We’ll use the knowledge we have of the supporter’s volunteer experience here.

Example: Hi John, From one volunteer to another, I can’t tell you how amazing it’s been to have you as a supporter. Has the time you’ve given volunteering been rewarding for you? Have you ever wondered about other ways you might be able to add value to the mission?

Note: Using our knowledge of John’s prior volunteer experience to personalize the lead sentences.