The ultimate nonprofit guide to fundraising minimums

Implementing fundraising minimums can be a powerful addition to your nonprofit toolkit.

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Not sure if this guide is for you? Here’s a little on fundraising minimums

A fundraising minimum is a fundraising commitment set by a nonprofit and agreed to by the participant, to be raised by a predetermined date. When your supporter registers for your event or joins your campaign, they will be notified along the way that, by completing their registration, they are agreeing to reach your fundraising minimum.

If your supporter doesn’t end up raising the fundraising minimum, they’ve already approved their credit card to be charged for the remaining amount not met via donations, as part of the agreement. Example: If Barry, your event participant, has agreed to a fundraising minimum of $500 in order to enter your race, and has only raised $475 at the fundraising deadline, an automatic charge will be made on Barry’s saved credit card for the remaining $25, fulfilling his commitment.