Social fundraising data report for nonprofits

By the time you will have finished reading this report over 31,000 people will have landed on a GoFundMe campaign page. 

The Social fundraising data report for nonprofits, a first-of-its-kind, uses the vast amount of GoFundMe’s data tracked through campaigns, donations, and social sharing to gain actionable insights into the power of social fundraising for nonprofits. 

Download our report to better understand how social fundraising fits into your nonprofits goals.

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Here’s a look at what’s inside the Device Trends section

In 2017, social fundraising on GoFundMe resulted in over 1 billion visits from over 491 million users, which translates to over 31 visits per second.

Mobile will increasingly be where nonprofits need to engage their donors, fundraisers, and supporters. The move to mobile web, coupled with the engagement challenges faced by modern nonprofits, calls for a focus on mobile as a primary platform. Especially for those nonprofits currently focused on offline donations or desktop donations only, it is imperative to include mobile in the portfolio of platforms they are using.

In addition, we see the accelerating adoption and integration of mobile-device-friendly payments as a major step to improving mobile donation conversion.