Social fundraising in the real world

Chapter Four:
Go beyond the donation

Don’t have your supporters settle for just a donation.

In Chapter Four of our eGuide, Social fundraising in the real world, we learn why it’s so important to have supporters go beyond the donation. When you incorporate social fundraising into your mix, you can crush more of your organization’s goals, from monetary to awareness and beyond. Check it out.


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Are you ready to go beyond the donation….

The 3rd supporter action that should be shared is buying a ticket or registering for an event. You’ve got an event coming up. People are buying tickets and registering. There’s really no reason why they shouldn’t have the opportunity to share with their personal network about the awesome event they’re gearing up to attend.

Attendees inherently like to go to these things with family and friends, so this gives them an opportunity to not only recruit additional people to attend, but it also gives them a reason to share with the world what they care about and what they stand for.

It’s a very social thing for supporters to talk about - “What are you doing Saturday night?” “Want to come with?” “You should for sure do this run with me” “Click here to buy a ticket and come with me”