Fundraising webinars


The Social Guide to Modern Event Fundraising

9 nonprofit experts weigh in about how social fundraising transformed their events

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DIY Fundraising - new donors and dollars

Industry insights from CrowdRise and real life examples and input from the American Cancer Society.

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6 hacks to immediately boost your next charity fundraising event

Plus, fundraising event superstar Lauren from Range of Motion project joins us to share insights on how they crush their events.

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Engaging Millennial Supporters

Join us as we dig into the habits of Millennials when it comes to donating, fundraising, and supporting your cause.

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Understanding DIY fundraising

With special guest Colby Marple from The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).

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Take endurance fundraising to the next level

Plus, best practices from endurance event pro, The Pat Tillman Foundation
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Quickest product tour ever - CrowdRise by GoFundMe

Watch as we walk you through the features and functionality of the all-new CrowdRise by GoFundMe.

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Top 10 things nonprofits should be doing in 2018

Use our checklist and video to make sure you’re implementing 10 suggestions for things nonprofits should be doing to have their most successful year yet.

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How to get peer-to-peer fundraisers

Join us, and the proven peer-to-peer fundraisers at Cure JM, as we dig into the essentials for fundraiser recruitment.

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Want to know what’s out there for 2017 #GivingTuesday and holiday season?

Let us do all the research for you on what’s out there this #GivingTuesday and you can just sit back and chill.

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Get the secret sauce for social fundraising and go #BeyondTheDonation

Social fundraising is changing the way charities and nonprofits think about social media. Have you made the shift?

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Social fundraising... Do you believe the rumors?

It’s pretty much the most important thing for nonprofits to know about. Problem is, there are a lot of rumors about it. Learn how to separate fact from fiction.

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Get the most out of CrowdRise

This webinar is ideal for customers looking for a few CrowdRise tips. It’ll probably be the best webinar you’ve watched all year. Or at least 2nd best.

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