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Ultimate Guide to Fundraising Minimums_Cover_NEW_shadow

The ultimate nonprofit guide to fundraising minimums

Learn how you can use our robust fundraising minimum technology to supercharge your next event.



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4 easy ways to boost post-event engagement

Turn one-time donors or event registrants into long-time supporters with our proven tips for maximizing the time after your event is over.

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Copy of DNLD - 2019 Edition

An expert guide to effective fundraising recruitment using email

Cut through the noise and engage your supporters this year.



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8 marketing tips from HubSpot’s INBOUND 2018 that nonprofits should know

Apply top marketing insights and knowledge to further your mission and grow your organization.


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Connecting with Gen Z supporters

Download our report and learn how Gen Zs are giving back and what channels they are (and aren’t) using to show the world what they care about.

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9 tips to get the most out of your next ticketed charity event

If you’re starting a charity event or looking to improve your fundraising strategy, download our guide to learn more.

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The quickest nonprofit guide to DIY fundraising

Want to learn how to get started with a DIY program for your nonprofit? Check out our download to get started

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Solutions to nonprofits' biggest challenge

We found that nonprofits' of all sizes have very similar challenges, we also found some helpful solutions for a lot of these issues.

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Attracting & engaging Millennial donors

Download our report on how Millennials are shaping the way people give back and how your nonprofit can engage them.

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The 1,000 biggest challenges facing nonprofits today

Download our recap of the 1,000 biggest challenges facing nonprofits today to get a glimpse into insights collected from nonprofits just like yours.

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Social fundraising data report for nonprofits

Download our report to better understand how social fundraising fits into your nonprofits goals.

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Social fundraising in the real world

Learn the value and opportunity, core principles to follow, and some next steps in order to use the power of social fundraising to benefit your organization.

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Design for real humans

In Chapter Five of our eGuide, Social fundraising in the real world, we dig into the six strategies you can use to help get the most out of social fundraising.

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Go beyond the donation

In Chapter Four of our eGuide, Social fundraising in the real world, we learn why it’s so important to have supporters go beyond the donation.

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Your supporter’s megaphone is larger and louder than yours

In Chapter Three of our eGuide, we learn why it’s so important to have supporters embrace your nonprofit’s story as part of their own.

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Fundraising on social is not social fundraising

Check out Chapter Two in our eGuide to learn why this distinction is key to understanding the benefits and uses of social fundraising within your nonprofit.

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Shares have real value

The power and value of social fundraising is real, so check out our eGuide on the first key concept to understand - social shares add real value to your organization.

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The sweetest peer-to-peer inspiration eGuide

Start down the colorful road to sweet peer-to-peer fundraising inspiration in this board game-themed eguide.

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How to crush your next charity event

We created this little eActivityBook to help you get the most out of your next event and along the way, do a crossword puzzle or two.


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