Why you need to be doing video campaign updates

on July 06, 2017

If you’ve created a fundraiser, you know that updates are really important. Keeping donors up to speed on your campaign’s progress is a big part of the social aspect of social fundraising. And, it keeps ‘em interested in your campaign. CrowdRise already offers you - the campaign organizer - the ability to do this with a text or a photo update. With our newest update feature, you can now take it one step further.  And we think the results are pretty great too.

Meet the video campaign update tool. It not only allows you to update your contributors with compelling video, but it was rated #1 campaign update tool by Made Up Campaign Update Weekly. Needless to say we’re pretty excited about it.

What does all this mean, exactly?

It’s a video. That you make. To update people who’ve contributed to your campaign. And it’s a lot easier to create than you think. You can record it right from your phone, or upload it from your computer.

screenshot gif of what the video campaign update tool looks likeSay you’re fundraising for a marathon. You can update your supporters as soon as you cross the finish line. And since it’s a video update, you also have the luxury of packing in a few updates at once. Like if you work for a charity that’s just hit their first fundraising goal, you can thank your contributors for their donations. You can do that by showing what that money does on the ground, and at the same time message about a stretch goal. “Help us raise another $5k and we could help another 50 people.”

But don’t just take our word for it. It’s science.

Campaign updates are actually scientifically proven to be more effective than other forms of updates. And who doesn’t like a little science?

It’s a better, richer user experience for both you and your donors. It’s a really powerful way for you to interact with your fundraising community. It’s compelling, captivating, and cool, plus other positive adjectives that start with the letter C. But most importantly, video updates are better at reeling in more campaign donations.

We looked at  the effectiveness of video campaign updates and found out a few things.

  1. Any update is better than no update. Campaign updates with text bring in 2.5x more donations than campaigns with no updates at all.
  2. A picture is worth more than just a few words. Updates with an image did better at raising donations than those without.
  3. Video updates are just crushing it. Campaigns with video updates are raising 5.7X more in total donations than those without. We’re not making this up people.

infographic showing video campaign updates are 5.7x more effective at bringing in donations

So great. But why do they raise more?

There’s a ton of research out there about why video is so much more effective than text. According to Vidyard, people are 12x more likely to watch videos than read text. That’s probably partly because 90% of the info the brain receives is visual, and partly because videos are more engaging than text. Videos are processed a heck of a lot faster than text. About 60,000 times faster actually. So it’s easier and more enjoyable for your brain to digest. Then there’s the fact that social video generates about 1,200% more shares than text and images combined. Kind of a big deal.

Another plus: Video can trigger an emotional response from the viewer that’s more powerful than text. Video is memorable and more impactful. Psychology backs this up. It probably has a lot to do with this thing called a mirror-neuron mechanism. This automatic physiological reaction mediates our emotional responses. It makes our brains mirror what we’re seeing when we’re watching something, even if we’re just sitting and passively absorbing. This is especially true when you’re talking about a subject you want viewers to connect to - like your campaign progress. Maybe that’s one of the many reasons that videos are just so much better at bringing in more donations and creating more awareness for your cause. It makes it more real. It’s easier to connect. And as we’ve discovered, all of it comes about really naturally.  

Since we released this feature, we’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback. We were surprised how quickly it was adopted, and how effective it was from the get-go. We didn't do any formal announcement to our user base. We simply unleashed the feature in the wild, and our users naturally adopted it. It’s pretty clear that video incites action. Because it’s more fulfilling and rich with content, people are more likely to share it. Videos with a call-to-action produce 380% more clicks than a regular sidebar call-to-action. In this case, the CTAs are the donate and share buttons. Based on these stats there’s a very good chance users will be more inclined to click both.

But what can I do to make my video campaign update really great?

We designed this thing with you in mind. That is, we were aiming for a super easy user experience. We don’t want you to have to work any harder than you would for a text update. But there are certain things you can do in your video campaign update in order to make sure you’re really nailing it - and connecting with your supporters in the most effective way possible. So we came up with this handy checklist to help you best talk to your donors through video. Get it by clicking below.

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Justin McAuley

Justin McAuley is the Head of Product at CrowdRise. Before joining CrowdRise, Justin created #1 ranked iPhone applications. He's passionate about creating simple and beautiful products. In his spare time, he likes to eat his nephews' Cheez-Its and Teddy Grahams.