What is a CrowdRise Charity Challenge?

on September 07, 2017

You’re probably familiar with giving day campaigns, voting campaigns, and other tactics for raising lots of money in a short amount of time. But what about the CrowdRise Charity Challenge? We think it’s one of the most effective ways to raise a lot of money for your cause and we’re here to dig into what a Challenge really is and why it’s so great.

So, what is a CrowdRise Charity Challenge anyway?

CrowdRise Charity Challenges are friendly fundraising competitions where nonprofits compete to win both cash grand prizes and weekly prizes. The Challenge model hinges upon using seed money (usually from a foundation or corporation) in order to rally organizations to reach out to their supporters and raise as much money as possible. Challenges were designed to help organizations gain awareness, recognition, and most importantly, donations. And it works. Really well.

CrowdRise Challenges are particularly interesting for nonprofits versus other competition style campaigns out there. For example:

In a ‘get the most votes to win the big donation’ type campaign….

  • The nonprofit with the most votes wins and gets the majority of the prize money.
  • The charities that don’t win end up with nothing since votes don’t have any value after the campaign.
  • Most likely the amount of bandwidth spent to compete in a voting competition is equal to what you’d spent in participating in a Charity Challenge.

In a ‘get the most likes to win the big donation’ type campaign….

  • The charity with the most likes wins and gets the majority of the prize money.
  • The nonprofits that don’t get the most likes end up with a few more likes, but those likes are unlikely to turn into real donations in the future.
  • Again, the amount of time that is spent to compete in a ‘likes’ competition is about equal to running another campaign or competing in a Charity Challenge.

The most amazing thing about a CrowdRise Charity Challenge is that win or lose, you keep the money you raise.

It’s all in the details

So, to break it down even further, a CrowdRise Challenge usually runs over the course of 4-8 weeks. During that timeframe, nonprofits reach out to their community of supporters and raise as much money as possible. At the end of the Challenge the top charities that raise the most each win a grand prize cash donation furnished by the Challenge sponsor.

In addition, each week throughout the Challenge, there are also Bonus Challenges which are almost like mini competitions designed to give every nonprofit more opportunities to win cash money. For example, a Bonus Challenge might be ‘Every charity that raises at least $1,000 this week will be entered to win a $3,000 donation.’ And again, even if you don’t win a Bonus Challenge or place in the overall Challenge, you still keep the money that you raise that week. Pretty incredible.

All the benefits

By leveraging the exposure of the CrowdRise Challenge sponsor and rallying your supporters, you have a real opportunity to gain exposure, resources, and new donors. In addition, the CrowdRise platform makes it beyond easy for organizations of all sizes to use the power of social fundraising to take your fundraising efforts even further during a Challenge.

And we help in every way possible. CrowdRise provides each participating nonprofit with a Challenge specific toolkit, a customizable fundraising page, sample messaging and calendars, webinars, customer support, and many other tools in order to help make the Challenge super successful for your cause.

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Nick McWherter

Nick McWherter is a Senior Success Specialist at CrowdRise. He works directly with corporations to help leverage their philanthropic dollars to have an even bigger impact in their community. When he’s not helping to change the world, Nick is usually throwing around a football or coloring his favorite superheroes with sidewalk chalk.