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What 8 fundraising experts had to say about taking their events to the next level

on January 16, 2019

Fundraising for an event, whether it’s a fun run, gala, dinner, or 5k, is a staple in the nonprofit community. But, taking these events and adding in social fundraising, ticketing and registration, fundraising minimums, and more can really enhance your event and take it to the next level.

Here’s what 8 nonprofit fundraising experts had to say about how they used CrowdRise to take their events even further.

Fundraising minimums


Kancer Jam uses fundraising minimums to ensure they receive the money their supporters are committing to, and to create milestones which encourage their supporters to raise even more money.

"This year we have 53 fundraising teams participating in local events. Our fundraising minimum was $750. They know going in that they have to meet that minimum by the day of the event or their credit card will be charged the difference between what they've raised at that point and $750. And some of our people just like to write a check for $750 dollars and be done with it, and that's fine. We're not mad at them. Some people don't put a penny of their own money in, but they hit or exceed $750 and we're not mad at them either. That's the beauty of CrowdRise. But the other part is that there's always that small, hopefully to-get-bigger, group that wants to raise more money. We have people who have raised $600 or $700, or some guy went over $5,000 dollars this morning." - Jamey, Kancer Jam


BvB Dallas not only implemented fundraising minimums, but they’ve increased them throughout the years and included language in their contract that really spells out what is expected during the fundraising. No surprises equal lots of success.

"We have actually never had someone not be game day eligible in our organization. And we are very proud of that. We raise our goal numbers every year - I think when I started I had to raise an even $1,000, and now we're up to raising $1,300 per person. Before I started here, it was $500. But with every year we increase, it is really important for everyone to know that we're behind them. You are responsible for this amount, but you're not doing it alone. So we put that in the contract. We make it really clear what everyone was responsible for. We want somebody who really understands what we're here for and what our main goal is, because that's what we will push for every day for 10 weeks.  So we really hold everyone responsible for what they come out there for. And we will never let someone fail at it." - Dani, BvB Dallas

Peer-to-peer fundraising

03-1Lauren from The Empowerment plan found that allowing for peer-to-peer fundraising created unexpected results that blew expectations out of the water. Peer-to-peer fundraising is now an option for all of their campaigns.

"On our website, we don't just have donate. We also have fundraise, where people specifically start campaigns to raise money to sponsor coats. And that's been really unexpectedly successful. We had a couple people last year that raised close to or over $10,000, just on their own coat campaign. So that's been a really great way for our donors and supporters to take ownership of Empowerment Plan in their own community." - Lauren, The Empowerment Plan

Social fundraising

05-1At the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, they understand that the power of storytelling is in the hands of their supporters. When your supporters share their connection to your cause in their own words and in a way that’s personal to them, then share it through their social channels, it creates more awareness and raises more money.

"Making the mission as relevant to the fundraiser as possible is the best way to go about it. I think for us, because of the work that we do, there are so many different ways in which you can communicate your passion. Obviously if you've been touched by the disease on a personal level, that in and of itself is probably the most powerful way to convey what the campaign means to you and why folks should act to get involved. But again, we have a great story. I think it’s at the discretion of our fundraisers to use that story to help communicate why they're doing it. We certainly try to make that as easy as possible for them." - Colby, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

DIY fundraising

07When nonprofits adopt a DIY program, they’re allowing their supporters to set up fundraisers on their behalf at anytime and however they want. It creates a sense of personalization, as well as encourages supporters to get involved at a moment's notice.

"Using our DIY program has actually allowed us to grow into other races. The DIY program allows us to reach areas of the country and runners from around the country that normally wouldn’t have the ability to get involved in our endurance program. " Dino, Project Purple

02-3"I think just a huge, incredible, amazing inspiring example for us was Plunge for Elodie, in March of this year. This was two young parents who have a little girl, Elodie, with EB, and they wanted to do something for EB Research Partnership. Emily, Elodie's mother, is on our board of directors and they didn't know exactly what they wanted to do. They wanted to give back and do a fundraiser, but they wanted to think outside the box and not do a golf tournament or a gala or a wine and cheese party. They wanted to do something fun and meet their community where their community is, which I think is the best recipe for success when planning your own DIY event and thinking about how you can use your own skill and network and community to impact the causes that you really care about, and Plunge for Elodie was a perfect example." Michael, EB Research Partnership

Utilizing CrowdRise by GoFundMe’s success and services

When nonprofits join CrowdRise, they’re not only gaining functionality and innovation designed to help them grow and surpass their goals, they’re gaining an extension of their team.

Our support and services department is focused on not only helping with every question or onboarding step, but we’re also dedicated to acting like another member of your squad. There to help you brainstorm, elevate your campaigns, manage your time, and have you become an expert at CrowdRise - all so you can focus on what’s most important: furthering your mission.

08"We take full advantage of any support team that we have, specifically CrowdRise, and push them to the edge. We use our success rep in every single capacity that we can, whether that's setting up our events, helping design the layout, making sure that the functionality is there, working with their Salesforce team to ensure that we have the appropriate interoperability happening. Really, the support team allows us to get down and illustrate ourselves as true professionals on the site, and I think that's important. The graphic design resources, the functionality, all of the communications, they’re all extremely important. We take advantage of all of them. - Michael, Wolverine Human Services


"The customer service I've received has been second to none. The can-do attitude has been key to our happiness. Since there's no one else out there (that I know of) who uses the CrowdRise platform to help kids raise money for causes other than our organization, it's been key to have a willingness on the part of CrowdRise to be flexible and help us problem solve." Liz, Positive Tracks

Providing a platform that helps you to elevate your event and provide your nonprofit with the tools you need to grow in both awareness, and in money raised, is paramount to CrowdRise by GoFundMe.

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