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on November 14, 2017

For most nonprofits, live events are an integral component of expanding your network, engaging your supporters, and of course, raising more money. And we know they’re also a lot of work. So, to make sure you’re able to focus on running a successful event, we’re happy to say we’re taking all the hassle out of the ticketing process.

Let’s get into it...

Our shiny new CrowdRise event ticketing

You’ve been asking and we’ve been listening. Which is why we’re super excited to share with you that our event ticketing system is live and ready to go.

Our new ticketing system makes it it ridiculously easy for your participants to register and purchase tickets for your event as well as gives them the opportunity to set up fundraisers for your cause and even share on social during the post-registration flow. And, this new ticketing system is now available on select CrowdRise plans.

In addition, our new ticketing tool features a streamlined, seamless checkout process and more flexible ‘shopping cart’ capabilities, perfect for classic ticketed events like galas and cocktail hours. It’s fast, easy, mobile responsive, and some have even said that it’s the best ticketing system out there. We’re not sure who said that but we’ll take it.



Why this new ticketing thing is so awesome

It’s mobile optimized

The world lives on the internet, and the internet lives on any number of devices spanning all shapes and sizes. Androids, tablets, desktops, laptops, new iPhones, old iPhones…the list goes on.

The way we communicate is constantly evolving and it’s more important than ever to keep up. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered. The CrowdRise ticketing system is fully responsive and heavily tested on all screen sizes. Yes, all of them. And that truly does make a difference.

60% of CrowdRise users are using a mobile device.

Plus, since our merger with GoFundMe this year, we’re able to leverage the massive amount of user data that they’ve collected and analyzed. Meaning that every single page during the ticketing process on CrowdRise isn’t just responsive, it’s best-in-class. We’ve built beautifully responsive designs and optimized every single touchpoint for maximum performance, improving donor conversion, fundraiser creation, and social sharing.

1.3x increase in average dollars raised per fundraiser

Since updating our mobile-optimized campaign layout:


Third party support

Maybe you’re the beneficiary of an annual corporate philanthropy event. Or you know some cycling buffs that want to organize a sweaty Saturday for a good cause.

The best news is, they can all use our new ticketing system, too. And, we provide support to them just as we would any other fundraiser on our platform.

Additionally, all of their activity and data lives on CrowdRise and is owned by you. Making it easier than ever to identify rock stars in your community, pinpoint your successes, and engage with your supporters.

Also, our ticketing system provides tax-deduction receipts with every transaction and makes it easy for you, the nonprofit, to thank attendees and start a conversation with them.

Centralized data

A short but not comprehensive list of things in life that aren’t easy: Fundraising. Organizing events. Saving the world for a living.

Organizing a fundraising event as one small piece of your job saving the world for a living… we’re tired just typing it out.

One way to make it easier and more successful is to make dealing with your data more efficient.. All those spreadsheets and mailing lists contain powerful insights about your community, but they often get overlooked. When you use our ticketing system, your supporter data is consolidated on a single platform so you can get a more complete, comprehensive view of your community.

How and when do people engage with your organization? Who are your biggest, most passionate supporters? What are their giving trends and habits? Who’s most likely to put in the extra effort to fundraise on your behalf or become a recurring donor? Who are the rising stars that would help in really big ways if only you just asked ‘em. That’s a lot of questions, and every answer has the potential to make a big impact.

The bottom line

By using our integrated ticketing and registration system, you’re now able to do more for your mission using real, data-driven insights about your community...

Want to take your event to the next level?

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Justin McAuley

Justin McAuley is the Head of Product at CrowdRise. Before joining CrowdRise, Justin created #1 ranked iPhone applications. He's passionate about creating simple and beautiful products. In his spare time, he likes to eat his nephews' Cheez-Its and Teddy Grahams.