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The 1,000 biggest challenges facing nonprofits today

on May 16, 2018

All industries have challenges… and the nonprofit world is no exception. So, when we asked 1,000 nonprofits who use CrowdRise by GoFundMe to let us know what their biggest challenges were, we found the responses really eye opening.BlogGraphics_BiggestChallenges_Option1There were so many commonalities that we weren’t expecting outside of what you may immediately think of as a nonprofit challenge.

Take a look and we’re sure you’ll find that you can relate to many of these challenges too. And as for us, well... we’re hard at work figuring out how we can help solve them all.

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Gary Wohlfeill

Gary Wohlfeill is the Director of Marketing at CrowdRise. He works with partners to develop highly engaging fundraising campaigns, and leads the marketing team in developing the CrowdRise brand. Gary has been named as having the “3rd best haircut of people under 6 feet tall at CrowdRise" and hopes one day to slip to 4th.