Success in the data: customer success story with iMentor

on October 03, 2017

iMentor is an organization devoted to a powerful educational initiative supporting mentorships between high school students in low-income communities and college-educated volunteer mentors. Their goal is to help these young people stay the course for success through graduation and college. iMentor does this through weekly conversations and monthly meetings, case management, and guidance counseling. iMentor encourages their mentors to fundraise for the program, with funds going towards support for the mentor-mentee relationship.

The Challenge

A CrowdRise customer since 2013, iMentor used some of our reporting features, but in order to efficiently track their supporters they needed more detailed reports on fundraiser behavior. They wanted to understand how to most effectively communicate different types of supporters at various points during their fundraiser journey. iMentor also needed to be able to do this in real time - like during their fundraising phone-a-thon, for example - which they were not able to do. And since there was no integration with Salesforce, iMentor had to upload all their mentor data manually into the system, which took a lot of time and effort.

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The Solution

"The integration with CrowdRise and Salesforce was a game-changer as it allowed us to use our own data, combined with up to date fundraising from Crowdrise to allow us to target our outreach to the right fundraisers, at the right time, to really ignite our fundraising.”
         - Callie Siegel, Director of Community Giving at iMentor

Once iMentor was able to use the CrowdRise integration with Salesforce, everything changed: they no longer had to do any more manual uploads, which dramatically reduced their workload. But best of all, they now had their “book of truth” - one place where they could go to get comprehensive, detailed, and timely reports on their mentor’s fundraising behavior. They were also able to segment their mentors based on their level of activity and participation with regards to fundraising. This was especially beneficial in tracking “influencers” who are essentially very successful at recruiting fundraisers and donors. As a result, iMentor was able to more effectively target and communicate with their mentor community, which ultimately helped their social fundraising efforts.

Mallory Hinz

Mallory Hinz is the Head of Success and Services at CrowdRise. She’s always been passionate about giving back and has become fascinated (okay, a little obsessed) by the evolution of fundraising so she loves bringing that same energy to helping charities/events raise money for their amazing causes. Mallory believes in coffee and pie as a way of life.