Some decent things nonprofits have said about us

on May 07, 2018

We love our nonprofits and, it turns out, they love us back. So, to give you a little idea why there’s so much love in the room, we’ve got a bunch of real quotes from real humans who work at real nonprofits about the real reasons they love CrowdRise by GoFundMe. For real.

“The support has been phenomenal; it feels like our Success Specialist is part of our team. CrowdRise has truly been the epitome of something being user-friendly. Our staff has been able to navigate our way through the backend, but most importantly, our donors have been able to donate without hassle.”


Download the Some decent things nonprofits have said about us lookbook.

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Julia Meckling

Julia Meckling is the Sales Manager of our CrowdRise mid-market sales team. Before joining CrowdRise, Julia headed up a lead development department specializing in scaling teams in order to develop individuals into sales leaders. Her passion is training, coaching and developing. In her free time, Julia loves to scuba dive with her Italian family, regardless of how many of them there are.