When it comes to fundraising, we know how important it is for nonprofits to work faster and get more done. So we’ve been building a bunch of new, even more user-friendly features of CrowdRise by GoFundMe to help our customers do just that. Today we’re releasing a huge set of new tools, all of them designed to make launching and managing your fundraising campaigns much easier, give you even more control, and make it all more intuitive.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve introduced new features to select customers, and we’re excited to announce we have now rolled out these new features, user interfaces, and fresh, responsive designs to all customers. And this includes our new flexible campaign technology, One Campaign™, which allows you to configure a campaign to fit any type of fundraising need.

So let’s go over what you need to know about the new CrowdRise by GoFundMe.

So, what’s new?

Quick access to important tools

To start, there’s a new navigation bar that lets you jump right into reports or the Campaign Hub (more on the Campaign Hub below) from anywhere on CrowdRise when you’re logged in. Sounds simple, but it makes it easy to quickly access and manage your current campaigns, as well as pull invaluable donor data and reports.


Campaign Hub

The Campaign Hub is brand new and is the core of our new product. With this centralized campaign view, you can see all of your campaigns, past and present. Only visible to you as a nonprofit, you can click through to easily view, edit, manage, or access any campaign you want in a matter of seconds. You can also easily create and publish new campaigns.


Flexible campaign builder

Within the Campaign Hub, our One Campaign™ functionality allows you to create a single campaign that can be configured for any purpose you need. Start out with a simple donate-only campaign and, with a click or tap, add event fundraising, peer-to-peer fundraising, multiple team functionality, and more. All fully optimized for mobile devices.


Publish functionality

You can now create and customize your campaigns before they’re live to the public. With the new publish functionality, you can preview your campaign in real-time and push it live only when you’re ready for the world to see.  


Campaign Manager

Clicking on any one of your campaigns from the Campaign Hub now launches you into our powerful, new Campaign Manager, which has a clear and more intuitive look and feel. Inside the Campaign Manager, you’ll find features like your activity feed, campaign update tool, offline donation manager, and the best-in-class sharing tools you know and love.


Campaign editor live preview

Our brand new live preview feature inside the campaign editor gives you full control over your campaigns on CrowdRise. Through our live preview, you’ll see exactly what your donors will experience as you configure — no need to save changes and then view the page. Make real-time edits to your campaign copy, add pics and videos, set the theme colors that match your brand or campaign, drop in your logo, and more.

GIF_EditTool_v2Email editor

Another brand new feature designed to give you more control over your campaigns is the email editor. Accessible from the campaign menu, the email editor enables Premium and Enterprise plan customers to customize emails that your donors and fundraisers receive related to your campaign. Add your organization’s logo, draft your email text, set a custom reply-to, and more. It uses the same interface as our live preview campaign editor, so you’ll see exactly what each email will look like as you make changes.


Nonprofit profile page

The new layout of your profile page will allow your charity brand to shine through to your supporters for even more engagement. It's mobile responsive and cleaner.


divider-generic-v1All of these changes stemmed from wanting to continually evolve into a more user-friendly, self-service based platform, and we’re really excited to release these features for our nonprofit community.


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Justin McAuley

Justin McAuley is the Head of Product at CrowdRise. Before joining CrowdRise, Justin created #1 ranked iPhone applications. He's passionate about creating simple and beautiful products. In his spare time, he likes to eat his nephews' Cheez-Its and Teddy Grahams.