Fundraising Marketing

Social fundraising cheat sheet

on December 14, 2017

Social fundraising is a critical concept for nonprofits to understand. So, we’ve got a little cheat sheet for you to break it down and provide practical ways you can start incorporating social fundraising into your organization's fundraising strategy.

We’ll walk through the five key concepts of social fundraising…
  • Shares have real value
  • Fundraising on social is not the same as social fundraising
  • Your supporters’ megaphone is larger and louder
  • Go beyond the donation
  • Design for real humans

Download our social fundraising cheat sheet to learn more about the key concepts of social fundraising. We can pretty much guarantee you’ll get at least a B+.


Gary Wohlfeill

Gary Wohlfeill is the Director of Marketing at CrowdRise. He works with partners to develop highly engaging fundraising campaigns, and leads the marketing team in developing the CrowdRise brand. Gary has been named as having the “3rd best haircut of people under 6 feet tall at CrowdRise" and hopes one day to slip to 4th.