Social Amp™ Initiative is changing the face of online giving

on August 16, 2017

Since CrowdRise joined GoFundMe in January, we’ve been evolving into something bigger and better. One of the first things we did was start being much more vocal about our worldview on social fundraising. This has played a big role in our work with charities and nonprofits. It’s also led to some very cool advancements in our product.

As we’ve said a lot lately, at CrowdRise and GoFundMe, we’re seeing a shift in the way people interact with each other. Supporters are engaging with causes at a deeper level, sharing why they support your cause, making it their own, and they’re doing all of this through social networks - typically right from their phones.

That’s why we’re really excited about this amazing new initiative we have called Social Amp™. And ‘really excited’ is an understatement. We never use exclamation points at CrowdRise, but if we did, we’d for sure put one here. Maybe even two.

Give me a little background.

Social sharing has become the new social fundraising currency. When campaign organizers share, it leads to more donations. When donors share, it leads to more donations. And even when users or visitors who don’t donate, share - we’ve found that it leads to more donations. Did I mention the crazy brand recognition? Yeah, it helps boost that too. So there’s both tangible value to the bottom line, and a positive effect on the brand. In short, social sharing is like the rocket fuel for social fundraising.

That’s where the Social Amp™ feature comes in. Social Amp™ optimization gives social sharing the ability to blast off. It’s the result of two years of A/B testing, billions of dollars in donations and over 30 million donors. (You think going to the eye doctor gets tedious, trying asking “A or B?” for 2 years). But all of that testing has really paid off. We've seen great results, and it's paving the way for us to be leaders in the social fundraising space.

That sounds mysterious. And cool. Explain yourself.

The Social Amp™ feature is an amazing initiative baked into our platform that creates the best possible share experience for your supporters, fundraisers, and donors. This goes way beyond traditional Facebook marketing or Twitter marketing. For example, our Social Amp™ optimization strategically prompts your donors to share their donation, along with your mission, with their own personal networks. It combines the ‘who’ (your supporter), the ‘what’ (their support of your organization) and the ‘why’ (their passion for your mission) into an easy and effective call-to-action that lets them tell the world your story and allows them to generate new donations. Amazing, right?


Break it down for me.

Our Social Amp™ feature is a highly optimized social sharing experience that guides your supporters at strategic points during the cause experience on our platform. That includes campaign organizers who are fundraising for your cause, donors that are supporting your cause, and visitors who simply come across your cause. It affects anyone and everyone interacting with your CrowdRise campaign. And it's built into the core of all of our products and features across the platform.

Because Social Amp™ optimization is more like a comprehensive initiative than a feature, it has a lot of components to it. Like best in class suggestive software, and powerful data showing the impact and broadcast levels of donor sharing. But the Social Amp™ feature also means highly optimized campaign pages, perfectly timed emails that promote sharing, and donor prompts that empower your supporters to leverage their social shares by broadcasting your campaigns to their networks. That’s super important, since the relationship between a cause organizer and a supporter is one to many. So for every one campaign organizer, there are hundreds or even thousands of supporters that can spread the word on their social networks. And Social Amp™ optimization creates the greatest potential for your supporter to share their experience.

Simply put, for charities, Social Amp™ optimization is proven to increase cause awareness and donations. And charities aren’t the only one’s benefiting from the Social Amp™ awesomeness. Your donors and supporters benefit too. This Social Amp™ feature gives them a better, stronger connection to your cause. It motivates them to incorporate your mission more fully into their own narrative by sharing in the best way possible.

Awesome, but do you have science? I need the science. And numbers.

Yes, we have all the stats for you. And they’re pretty impressive. We already knew from previous research that 3x more donations are raised by donors who share on social media. Social Amp™ optimization really amps up those numbers (sorry for the bad pun): through extensive testing, GoFundMe discovered that Social Amp™ optimization increased social shares of campaigns by over 20%. That’s a 20% increase in awareness, and greater donation volume. We also found out that on average 1 in 5 shares on social media results in a new donation.

For all you visual people out there, here's a pretty graphic to illustrate it better:


Ok, but is Social Amp™ optimization a lot of work? What do I have to do?

That might just be one of the best parts of Social Amp™ optimization - it’s built into the platform framework, so your donors and supporters get the most optimized social fundraising experience on the planet. Powered by social fundraising magic, the Social Amp™ feature is running in the background behind your campaign, empowering your supporters to share and giving them the best possible experience promoting your cause.

And it’s all because Social Amp™ optimization makes it so much easier for your donors and supporters to share your mission and their donation with all of their friends. Who knows? Maybe some of your supporters will be so impressed by the experience that they’ll become P2P fundraisers for your campaign, and recruit their friends to be fundraisers too. To paraphrase Dr. Seuss, “Oh, the places you’ll go with Social Amp™.”

Sounds great.

It is great. Remember, social sharing is the way of the world now...there’s no going back. So we want to help you ramp up the success of your cause with some amplified social fundraising. Sharing is a commonly overlooked opportunity to make your supporters feel really connected, and pushes them to bring more awareness to your cause. It allows them to help create and partake in the network of cause evangelists who will really further your cause. And we’re all about building more cause awareness. This Social Amp™ feature was a labor of love, and it shows. It’ll really take your supporters’ experience - regardless of whether they’re donating or promoting your cause (or both) - to the next level. And in doing that, your cause will see real results.

Justin McAuley

Justin McAuley is the Head of Product at CrowdRise. Before joining CrowdRise, Justin created #1 ranked iPhone applications. He's passionate about creating simple and beautiful products. In his spare time, he likes to eat his nephews' Cheez-Its and Teddy Grahams.