Press Release: CrowdRise by GoFundMe Releases Registration and Ticketing Functionality for Nonprofit Fundraisers

on March 04, 2019

REDWOOD CITY, Calif .- -() -- CrowdRise by GoFundMe, the world’s largest and most trusted social fundraising platform dedicated to charitable fundraising, releases mobile-first registration and ticketing features to all users on its platform.

The new registration and ticketing solution makes it easier for nonprofits and individuals who fundraise on their behalf to start events and raise the most for the cause, while leveraging the powerful peer-to-peer fundraising capabilities for which CrowdRise by GoFundMe is known. With the new offering, CrowdRise users can manage any type of event — from RSVPs for charity walks to registration for complex endurance events—straight from their phones.

“Nonprofits and their fundraisers are increasingly mobile, and our new self-service feature set takes that in mind by making it easier than ever to create and manage a successful fundraising event from any device, no matter where you are,” said Tre Mascola, Head of Customer Success. “We are excited to expand our capabilities to better serve the needs of our community.”

The new registration and ticketing product has excited the philanthropic community, and national charities like the American Cancer Society are among those signed up to use the features for some of their largest fundraising events of the year.

“We are driven to help more people turn ideas into fundraisers—however, wherever, whenever they want,” said Irma Shrivastava, the Senior Vice President of Strategic Marketing & Alliances for the American Cancer Society. “The self-service functionality of CrowdRise by GoFundMe's new registration and ticketing product makes it much easier for our fundraisers, allowing them to quickly reach new audiences and drive our mission without leaning on ACS staff support.”

All new fundraisers can now create events with the following core registration and ticketing features, including:

  • Registration and Ticketing Made Easy – Create and manage events from any device, no matter your tech expertise, with simple yet powerful features to make it easier, faster and more flexible.
  • Fundraising Minimums – Motivate participants by setting a fundraising commitment for the amount that must be raised by a specific date. Ensure that fundraising commitments are met for any event—whether a marathon, golf outing or a gala.
  • Buyer Covers Fees – Raise even more money for events by offering supporters the option to cover all fees associated with any ticket option. Over 90 percent of donors cover fees when given the option.
  • Customizable Tax Deductibility – Incentivize donors to make a purchase by showing the portion of a ticket option that is tax deductible, while specifying what is not. Organizers can customize the tax deductible amount for anything from a gala dinner ticket to a marathon entry by specifying a percentage anywhere between zero and 100 percent.

Premium and Enterprise subscription levels have access to enhanced features to maximize their fundraising impact and engage more closely with donors. These features include the ability to register an entire group at once with Group Registration, customizable donation buttons within the check-out flow, unlimited promo codes and custom form questions to capture relevant participant information.

The new registration and ticketing solution demonstrates CrowdRise by GoFundMe’s continued commitment to making social fundraising more powerful, flexible and efficient for nonprofits.

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