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Live from P2P Professional Forum 2018: The power of word of mouth

on March 02, 2018

Relationships are messy, complicated and beautiful. And it’s no big shock that relationships are what make life worth living for individuals — but the same goes for companies and brands too. Think about it… your organization couldn’t move forward if it wasn’t for the important relationships and communities that surround and support yo.u

So what is it that makes these relationships such a powerful driving force for your cause? Mostly, the conversations that happen around them. And we don’t mean product or promotional conversations. We mean passion conversations.

While we were at the Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum Conference 2018 in Miami, Robbin Phillips, author of Brains on Fire, talked about the power of word of mouth when it comes to peer-to-peer fundraising. These were our big takeaways:

Get to know your community

When we look at social change and movements, it’s all about people coming together and connecting on that human level.

So if you want to spark advocacy around your cause, you have to understand the people you serve and the humans that support you. What are the things that are going on in their life? What are their struggles? What are their passions? And how do these things connect them to your cause?

Once you begin to truly understand your community, you can begin to craft messaging that speaks to them specifically and have conversations that lead to long-term relationships with your brand. 

Unlock the power of social fundraising

People want a reason to talk about the things that they are passionate about. Think about the last time you went to a really great restaurant. You probably told everyone all about eating the best pad thai you've ever had. Or, on the opposite end, you warned people against a restaurant that seriously disappointed you.

The same urge to share goes for causes that people are passionate about. When you community is passionate about your mission, they want to share it with their friends and family — this is a little something we like to call social fundraising. And it’s one of the most powerful tools a nonprofit has at their disposal.

Social fundraising in the nonprofit world is the the act of getting people (supporters, donors, evangelists, fundraisers, etc.) to post about the actions that they take related to your cause.

When you put in the effort to cultivate a community that cares, you not only build new one-on-one relationships that last for the long haul, but you also unlock the door to your community’s community that you wouldn’t have been able to reach on your own.

Thank people for being Decent Humans

The brands that we love the most are the ones that never let us forget how it feels to be a good person. Organizations ask a lot about how they can leverage their advocates… the first step is to show your appreciation for them. Lift people up, inspire them and celebrate them.

Acknowledge that you don’t take their passion for granted, and that you know that what they get up and do everyday is important. “You can become famous for the people who love you, for the way you love them.”


A big thanks to Robbin Phillips for a super inspiring talk at Peer-to-Peer Forum 2018.

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