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Why fundraisers are like the best ice cream ever

Recently we let loose on how we think about social fundraising, and why we think the conversation might need to be refocused. To us, social fundraisin...


5 charity tees I'd actually wear

 It was a few years back when I first saw it. Someone on the street wearing a Club Sandwiches Not Seals hoodie. In those two seconds it took me to rea...

Fundraising Social

Could everyone be getting social fundraising wrong?

 We hear it often called ‘peer-to-peer’, ‘crowdfunding’, ‘P2P’, and a few other things. Social fundraising is definitely being talked about in both th...


Why you need to be doing video campaign updates

If you’ve created a fundraiser, you know that updates are really important. Keeping donors up to speed on your campaign’s progress is a big part of th...


How charities get me to donate every time

I’d only been working at CrowdRise for a week the first time it happened. I didn’t even realize it. I was just researching causes, exploring various n...

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