Our promise...

on October 02, 2018

At CrowdRise by GoFundMe, our content core values are more than just words without meaning. Our readers are the visionaries. The hard workers. The people who make change happen.

Real quick… when we say content core values, that means the benchmark for everything that we write, say, and share as a company.

And, when we say readers... that means you. Assuming you’re still reading this, which you probably aren’t.

We know the unique challenges of those who work at nonprofits, and as we continue to improve our platform, we want to maintain our laser-focus to make certain we’re making your job easier, faster and more efficient.  

  • How can we make certain our product is always getting easier for you to use?
  • How can we make certain our content is the most meaningful for you?
  • How can we make certain our support and services blow you away to the point you’re telling eleven friends about CrowdRise?
  • How can we make certain we’re always finding more ways to say ‘how can we make certain’?

Our content core values

When we grow our library of content, whether it’s a blog, an email, a webinar, or a downloadable, we do so with you in mind. So, we’ve come up with a set of content values (or tenets), that we use to make sure our content is focused, inspiring, and useful to our nonprofits.

Here’s a look into those values. We promise it’ll be quick.

1. Be innovative

We commit to always thinking creatively about solving the next challenge nonprofits may face, and to get new ideas out into the world so that they can make an impact.

2. Be authentically empathetic

We like our shoes, but promise to always try and understand what it’s like to walk miles in yours. It’s for sure not always easy and we may ask for some help along the way, but it doesn’t help anyone if we’re misunderstanding your goals and challenges.  

3. Make giving back fun

Changing the world isn’t easy, and sometimes it’s downright hard. So we strive to be make things easy, be engagingly engaged, and sometimes even have a little fun.

4. Recognize all the Decent Humans

Our customers are amazing people doing incredible campaigns and projects all to help other people, and we can’t help but celebrate each time we get to help one of them.


Gary Wohlfeill

Gary Wohlfeill is the Director of Marketing at CrowdRise. He works with partners to develop highly engaging fundraising campaigns, and leads the marketing team in developing the CrowdRise brand. Gary has been named as having the “3rd best haircut of people under 6 feet tall at CrowdRise" and hopes one day to slip to 4th.