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Nonprofit stickers you'd actually want on your laptop - Vote

on September 10, 2018

We love stickers. We even have a room at the CrowdRise office that’s plastered from floor to ceiling with a mess of our favorite stickers. So, when it came time to design a new sticker to give away at some of the biggest nonprofit conferences in the country, we thought who better to ask than our nonprofit community (that also loves stickers).

Vote for the sticker below that speaks to you the most. Or, that you like the most. Or, the one that you hate the least. Think of how it will look on the front of your laptop, or on your trapper keeper. Do you capitalize Trapper Keeper?

The sticker with the most votes will be made into a real-life sticker that we’ll not only be handing out at all the nonprofit conferences we attend in 2019, but we’ll also send to everyone who votes. For real.

Ok. Let’s do this...

Sticker 1: Just saving the world


Sticker 2: This is my sticker


 Sticker 3: I'm with Decent Humans


Sticker 4: Neon Decent Human


Sorry - voting is now closed.

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Rilee Chastain

Rilee Chastain is the Content Marketing Specialist at CrowdRise. She is passionate about content optimization and all things social, and cares way too much about her Instagram aesthetic. She also has a life goal to eat mac and cheese at least 3 times a week.