Product CrowdRise Updates

Major update to CrowdRise registration (and all the ways it will help you raise more money)

on February 04, 2019

Hi there. We’ve got some pretty big news and can’t wait to tell you about it.

We just released a major registration update with four new features designed to help our nonprofit customers raise more money on our fully integrated registration with fundraising platform.

In this post, we’ve outlined all the ways these new features give you more control, better conversion, and more engagement with your community. So, without further introduction, let’s get into it...

What’s new in this release?

  • Buyers Cover Fees for ticket purchase and registration
  • Accept donations in registration
  • Donate Your Savings when using a discount promo code
  • Support for variable taxability

4 ways to use the new features to raise more money

1. Buyers Cover Fees

We always want to make it easy for your supporters to cover any fees associated with raising money online. When you enable the Buyers Cover Fees option, your participant is given the option to cover all fees associated with buying a ticket or registering for your event. This includes any platform and payment processing fees (credit card), resulting in 100% of the purchase going to your cause.


How this feature can help you raise even more for your cause:

  • You’ll be able to keep more money raised through your event
  • Supporters will feel like they’re doing even more for your nonprofit by helping to pick up the fee
  • Offering your supporters the option to cover your fees just works. In fact, when donors are asked to cover the fees associated with their donation, 90% of the time, they are happy to do so.

2. Accept donations in registration

It’s important to always give your donors many ways to support your organization. Often time the best opportunity to do that is once they’ve already committed to taking another action. Our latest release now includes the ability to accept additional donations during the registration process.


How this feature can help you raise even more for your cause:

  • By creating increased opportunities for conversion, in-registration donations can help nonprofits raise more through registration and ticketing campaigns. Before, if you wanted to make a donation, you had to complete your ticket purchase or registration, then start down a completely different path to donate.
  • When you can capture your supporter at a time when they’re in the moment, you’re able to create more engagement and a stronger connection.

How this feature works:

  • Campaign organizers can easily enable the accepting-donations-in-registration feature on or off, customizing their campaign to fit their needs.
  • The donations received through the registration process are counted in the campaign total that is shown on your campaign page.
    • Premium and Enterprise nonprofit organizers can customize up to 4 pre-set donation buttons that will appear in the buyer flow. This feature allows you to select suggested donation amounts, as well as an option for your buyer to choose a custom donation amount that works best for them.


3. Donate Your Savings

Many of our customers use promo codes as a part of their fundraising event strategy. With the addition of the Donate Your Savings feature, you can now allow your buyer to give back any money saved with a discount promo code as a donation to the organization. For example, if your supporter uses a promo code that gives them $50 off the event registration fee, and they choose to donate their savings, that $50 discount will be converted into a $50 donation directly to the nonprofit.


How this feature can help you raise even more for your cause:

  • When your supporters donate their savings, it gives nonprofits the opportunity to recoup the discounted rate as a donation, which means more money for your cause.

How this feature works:

  • Campaign organizers can turn the Donate Your Savings functionality on or off for any single promo code.
  • If the buyer clicks “Yes,” the discounted amount is converted into a donation that is shown on a separate line on their detailed order receipt.
  • If the buyer has already added an in-registration donation, and also chooses to donate their savings based on a promo code used, both amounts will be added together in a single donation line item in the order details.

4. Variable tax deductibility

As you probably are aware, nonprofits are required to provide a certain and appropriate level of transparency in receipting to their supporters around the deductibility of their contributions. Without getting too in the weeds with the messy legal stuff, our new variable tax deductibility tool allows you to identify which portion of a ticket option is deductible and which is not, so that supporters can deduct the appropriate amount for tax purposes. As always, please consult a tax professional for any questions or concerns regarding your nonprofit in particular.


How this feature can help you raise even more for your cause:

  • Besides providing another layer of trust and transparency with your supporters, variable tax deductibility also gives an extra incentive to encourage supporters to buy. Now you’re able to split up tax incentives to showcase the portion of the incentive that is and is not tax deductible.

How this feature works:

  • The campaign organizer can set the deductible amount by a percentage of the ticket cost, or a dollar amount of the ticket cost, at any amount between 0-100%.
  • The tax deductibility of all purchased tickets are itemized in the "Charitable Tax Deduction" section of the registration confirmation email.
  • Now, your supporter will see three items in their donation receipt related to variable tax deductibility. Two of which are new with this new update:
    • Total Donation Amount = full amount that they paid
    • Return Benefits Amount = portion of the transaction which is not tax deductible
    • Total Deductible Amount = portion of the transaction which they are able to deduct on their taxes


With every feature release, we focus on providing our nonprofit customers with the tools and functionality they need to raise more money with less effort. Fundraising doesn’t need to be intimidating or complicated. We strive to make functionality and tools that are easy-to-use, easy for your supporter to understand, and provide real value to you — our favorite decent humans.reg-event-cta