It doesn't *have* to be complex

on February 06, 2018

Someone sort of famous once said that “the definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.”

Now we may not be geniuses, but what this quote is describing is exactly our goal — simplify the complex.

After all, nonprofits come in all shapes and sizes and can have very different, yet specific needs. And, as the leading social fundraising platform, we’ve worked with nonprofits and events with some of the most complex needs and challenges you can imagine.

For those nonprofits that have a certain amount of complexity or have multiple chapters, the features needed to run smoothly, and launch campaigns quickly, are of utmost importance. In the past, the only option was to go à la carte style and be forced to use multiple platforms based on various functionality offered.

Luckily, those days are gone. Now, a large, complex, often multi-chapter nonprofit can use a single platform to run many programs in one efficient, holistic, and successful fundraising experience.

Let’s dig into what CrowdRise can offer our large, enterprise-sized nonprofits...


Ticketing & registration

The benefits of taking large events from offline to online are immense. With our integrated registration and ticketing features built into one single platform, you’re able to run more effective and efficient events — whether it be single-location or nationwide — right from the CrowdRise platform.

Our enterprise-level ticketing and registration also allows you to have an unlimited number of tiers for campaigns to roll up to. So even if you are managing the biggest event in the world with multiple teams and multiple events, you can easily roll up all of your fundraising efforts into one single event - allowing you to cover every market.

We also make it ridiculously easy for participants to register and buy tickets for your event and instantly have their own fundraising page. During the post-register and ticket purchase flow, their journey is optimized for social sharing, therefore expanding reach and bringing in more participants and potential donors.

During the registration process, you’re also able to customize questions in order to gain more insight and help create a more memorable experience for your guests.

Campaign flexibility

The CrowdRise platform was built with self-service in mind. You are in control and have full reign over your campaign pages. You can launch a brand new campaign in minutes, quickly replicate previous ones, or toggle features on and off in order to create the perfect campaign for your specific needs.

Combine registration, ticketing, and team & event fundraising. Our platform’s flexibility allows for creation of any type of fundraising effort your staff and supporters can think of, and it’s easy to pick and choose the fundraising features you want.

Want a single donation page for your year-round fundraiser, but also need to set up campaigns for ten chapters for a regional spring event, yet also need a multi-team event for your major run/walk you’re doing in a few months? On CrowdRise, you can easily create campaigns that fit individual campaign needs and goals without a bunch of messy work-arounds.

Consistent branding

Keeping your brand colors, logo, and text consistent is important...especially to complex charities keeping tabs on many events and/or chapters. CrowdRise allows the functionality for DIY fundraisers to create conversion-optimized campaign pages on their own, while still keeping the integrity of your brand design and messaging. By controlling your brand across your events and campaigns, you’re able to make sure your team members, volunteers, and donors get a consistent message.

Additionally, with custom branded URL functionality, your CrowdRise page seamlessly integrates with your domain of choice.

Custom communications hub

Communication is key to keeping your supporters and team members motivated, educated, and connected to your cause and mission. CrowdRise’s robust communications hub allows you to have complete control over the messages your donors, fundraisers, and supporters receive from your campaigns.

From donation receipts and thank you messages, to goal and milestone announcements, you control the content, delivery and branding. And integrated reporting let’s you gain insights on what’s working, and more importantly, what’s not.

The CrowdRise integrations ecosystem

We’ve developed an integrated ecosystem that allows you to seamlessly connect CrowdRise to the tools you’re already using. From Salesforce, Raiser’s Edge and Google Analytics, to our full access CrowdRise API, inserting CrowdRise into your data system has never been easier or more powerful.

Data and attribution

Reliable access to data is everything for the success of complex fundraising campaigns or event series. At CrowdRise, we understand the value of your supporter and attribution data and the need for it to be secure. That’s why CrowdRise is 100% PCI Level One compliant.

We also get that it’s your data  — which is why it’s 100% owned by you and nobody else, and why we’ve completely overhauled our data reporting to fit the needs of your nonprofit.

Create custom reports, choose the attributes you care about, and hide the ones you don’t. Scheduled reporting means you can get your most important insights sent directly to your inbox at the best interval for the pace of your business.

We’ve also added social attribution reporting which tracks insights into shares on Facebook and Twitter related to your campaigns (and the new donations those shares bring back to the campaign).


The depth of the fundraising toolbox

There are many more features designed with large and complex charities in mind. Add any of the following to your campaigns:

  • A text-to-donate functionality for your events
  • Monthly donations with automatic expired credit card updating so you don’t miss out on those valuable recurring gifts
  • A platform-fee-free donation button for your website
  • A ‘fundraise’ button that easily and simply powers a DIY peer-to-peer fundraising program
  • The most powerful fundraising minimum functionality in the industry
  • A full-support contests and sweepstakes team to help you launch innovative and engaging promotions to your community
  • So much more

Julia Meckling

Julia Meckling is the Sales Manager of our CrowdRise mid-market sales team. Before joining CrowdRise, Julia headed up a lead development department specializing in scaling teams in order to develop individuals into sales leaders. Her passion is training, coaching and developing. In her free time, Julia loves to scuba dive with her Italian family, regardless of how many of them there are.