How BvB Dallas used CrowdRise to turn their community into a movement

on February 11, 2019

“We needed a place we could advertise and push out, and that could collect our funds and show it in the right way. It needed to be user friendly for our participants, but also offer different levels of involvement for donors. When it comes to ease of use, and the breadth of things we need, CrowdRise is going to always fulfill those needs way more than anyone else.” - Dani McArthur, former Board of Directors at BvB Dallas  


About BvB Dallas

BvB Dallas is a young-professional organization that hosts a powder-puff football game for a day of fun, fellowship, philanthropy, and enjoyment as a way of raising money for Alzheimer’s research and awareness.

Now in their 11th year of the event, the annual Blonde vs. Brunette Powder-Puff football game is held at the Cotton Bowl at Fair Park in Dallas, TX, and features an after-party on the front steps of the stadium immediately following the game.

A $25 donation or more to BvB Dallas admits attendees to the game and the after party.


Why BvB Dallas uses CrowdRIse by GoFundMe

A single source to empower fundraisers

“Fundraisers are checking their CrowdRise page every day. If they get a donation, they're going to the website to see where they’re at with their goal. To have everything in one toolkit, from event ideas to fundraising tips, that was huge."

A team to rely on

“Between my dedicated support specialist and the customer support email group, I was in awe throughout the season. It was so nice to know that we weren't alone. CrowdRise understood what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and cared for us like they were in the organization with us. Like they were fighting for our cause with us.”

“To have a team that really understands and backs us makes us feel so supported and well provided for, and like we aren't alone on that front line. Like we really are putting our best foot forward every day. We have the tools to do it, and we aren't going to fail. That was such a great thing for myself, especially my first year on the board, to have somebody I can go to in panic mode, and the calmness and kindness was fantastic."

- Dani McArthur, former Board of Directors at BvB Dallas  

Insights from BvB Dallas


"Any donation of $25 or more, and in increments of $25, is a "ticket." We hold our event at the Cotton Bowl, which fits around 20k people, so we have a ton of space for supporters to be there. So we really want people to be able to go, and have the accessibility to go. The ease of that is great. Your ticket comes with access to see the games, but it also gets those 21 and up access to our after party, which is a good time for everyone to celebrate the accomplishments of our season."


“We really utilized the CrowdRise platform for our event bundles this year, which I love. That allowed everyone to get the cheaper price for going to all three events, or by purchasing all three events in advance. People loved that, and it was so easy to pull the list from CrowdRise once those people had done that. So to have an event bundle list, and then all these ticketing lists. Again, the user friendliness of CrowdRise is spectacular, and I really appreciate it."


“We raise our goal numbers every year. When I started I had to raise an even $1,000, and now we’re up to raising $1,300 per person. With every year, the increase it's really important for everyone to know that we're behind them. You are responsible for this amount, but you're not doing it alone. We want somebody who really understands what we're here for and what our main goal is, because that's what we will push every day for 10 weeks. And we will never let someone fail at it. We have actually never had someone not be a game day eligible in our organization, and we are very proud of that."

Adding ticketing & registration to your fundraising events

For most nonprofits, live events are an integral component of expanding your network, engaging your supporters, and of course, raising more money. And as you can see from BvB Dallas’s Powder-Puff Football event, ticketing and registration is a ridiculously easy way for your participants to register and purchase tickets for your event, as well as give them the opportunity to set up fundraisers for your cause, and even share on social during the post-registration flow.

And with CrowdRise by GoFundMe’s new ticketing and registration functionality rebuilt from the ground up, we’re confident that we’re delivering the most incredible ticketing and registration capabilities on the planet, thanks to a focus on flexibility and the registrant experience.ticketing-registration-cta

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