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Getting the most out of CrowdRise

on August 31, 2017

We know that if you work for a charity or nonprofit organization, you’ve got your work cut out for you. So we’ve made it our goal here at CrowdRise to make your job easier. We try to do this by adding the best functionality to the CrowdRise platform, providing the most incredible service and support teams ever, and developing the resources you need to crush social fundraising. That’s  enough about us, though. Let’s talk about ways to help you.

Last month, we hosted this webinar on how to get the most out of our charity fundraising platform. There were also a handful of other fun life hacks in there, too. It was actually rated the ‘3rd most concise webinar of July’ by one invisible webinar guest and best ‘30 minutes of my life’ by another. We’d say that pretty much sums it up. So, to recap, here are some useful ways you can get the most out of CrowdRise...

Don’t underestimate the power of campaign updates

For real, these are super important. Not only are you keeping your supporters informed about milestones throughout the campaign, but here at CrowdRise and GoFundMe, we’ve found that the campaigns using this feature  actually raise more money than those that don’t.

Specifically, the personal, authentic, and captivating video campaign updates are just killing it. You can record video campaign updates right from your phone, or upload ‘em from your computer. It’s so, so easy to raise more for your campaign. And it really works: CrowdRise campaigns that use video campaign updates raise 5.7x more than campaigns that don’t send an update. But don’t take our word for it. Take a look at the stats.


There’s other research to back this up, too. People are 12x more likely to watch videos than read text for a whole bunch of reasons. The main one is that it’s just simply more engaging. Audiences feel more of an instant emotional connection with video, so they feel closer to your cause.


Get on board with social fundraising

We’ve learned a lot from all the donations processed through CrowdRise and GoFundMe and we’re focused on increasing social optimization in this new world of social fundraising. We discovered, for example, that 3x more donations are raised by supporters who share your cause on social media. That’s pretty amazing, right?

Social Amp is our solution to get the most out of social fundraising

To further boost cause awareness, we implemented Social Amp, which is a number of data-driven best practices that optimize social sharing around a cause. It’s now baked into every aspect of our product and platform, including many of our powerful features. Essentially, it creates the best possible share experience for your supporters, donors, and fundraisers. It’s been optimized (and continues to be optimized) using multivariate testing, across billions of dollars in donations and over 30 million donors.

There’s a lot more involved, which is why we dedicated a whole blog post to exactly what it is and how it works but just for fun we’ll break down the main points here in a couple of bullets ....


The golden ticket(ing)

Often overlooked, but super important to social fundraising: don’t forget about ticketing and registration. We have a new Premium ticketing feature that’s optimized for social as well. We’re going to be talking about that in our next webinar, which will probably be the best social fundraising webinar you’ll ever see at the end of the August.

Make nearly free-fundraising a reality

Ah, donor cover the fees. This is a great option because it allows your supporters  to cover all platform and payment processing fees when making an online donation. That means more of their contribution goes to your cause. Best part is, it actually works...right now at least 92% of donors are covering the fees for charities.

Get integrated with Google Analytics

All charities on CrowdRise have access to some information about their donors, but if you’re a Premium partner, we definitely suggest you take advantage of the Google Analytics integration. metrics from your CrowdRise campaign pages can be piped into your Google Analytics account. Actionable insights will help you get the most out of your marketing and messaging efforts, to raise the most money possible for your campaign.


We have the best humans working for us.

There are a lot more features built into CrowdRise and ways to get the most out of your fundraising efforts so you might want to talk to a real person about everything. Enter the amazing CrowdRise success teams. They’re the best informative-and-engaging-people-you will-ever-meet-who-will talk-to-you-enthusiastically-about-a-charity-fundraising-platform. Seriously, we hire them for their personalities as much as their passion for helping people. Not only do they know CrowdRise from top to bottom, but they can help you create a fundraising strategy that works for your charity.  If you’re not already in communication with the starter success team or a senior success strategist, talk to an expert to learn more and get connected.

Mallory Hinz

Mallory Hinz is the Head of Success and Services at CrowdRise. She’s always been passionate about giving back and has become fascinated (okay, a little obsessed) by the evolution of fundraising so she loves bringing that same energy to helping charities/events raise money for their amazing causes. Mallory believes in coffee and pie as a way of life.