Filling in your fundraising gaps with DIY

on January 14, 2019

From a business standpoint, whether you’re for-profit or not-for-profit, the start of a new year really can be a time where you can gain momentum from reviewing what’s worked, what hasn’t, and commit to trying to new things and creating new plans of attack.

As a nonprofit, usually these ‘resolutions’ come into play during your next event, but why wait weeks or months to start gaining new supporters? This may be the perfect time to add a little DIY fundraising into the mix.inBlog_1_confetti_banner

The gap

Let’s set the scene… Your holiday fundraiser is all wrapped up. You’re most likely done sweeping the floor from that year-end gala. And chances are you’ve thanked all of the supporters who gave on December 31st.

You’ve probably moved on to beginning to think about your next event, doing some updates around the office (or your not-really-an-office office), and maybe even started a little data cleanup. So with this fresh start, why not fill in the gap you may have before your next event by adding in some DIY fundraising?inBlog_2_DIYbuckets

DIY fundraising

We like to say that DIY (or do-it-yourself for those who can’t stand an acronym), is a type of fundraising that, once set up, can be grown somewhat hands-off. This means you can continue to focus on your other planning.

We define DIY fundraising as a type of fundraising that empowers your community of supporters to raise money on your nonprofit’s behalf by starting their very own fundraiser whenever they want. It doesn’t cannibalize any efforts you have going on at the same time. Instead, it just gives your supporters an additional option to engage with your cause and mission.

The many benefits of DIY fundraising

  • Your supporters get creative and create a campaign that’s meaningful to them and their own unique connection to your cause.
  • Once you set it up, it can often grow on it’s own. You just need a place for supporters to go to start their campaign, along with some encouraging thoughts about how to be successful.
  • There doesn’t have to be an organized start or end date. It can be an evergreen initiative that raises funds during gaps between your regular campaigns.inBlog_4_MindTheGap

So, really all we’re saying is mind the gap. There might be distance between now and your next event, but if one of your resolutions is to gain more awareness, raise more money, and create more engagement between your nonprofit and your supporters, then filling in the gaps with DIY fundraising can be a huge benefit for your cause.New call-to-action

Brandy Shippey

Brandy Shippey is a Growth Marketing Specialist at CrowdRise. She is passionate about giving CrowdRise users a great experience and inspiring them on new ways to fundraise. Brandy is also an advocate for snacking multiple times throughout the day and holds the unofficial record for most dog photos in her camera roll.