Feature spotlight: Mobile fundraising platform

on June 27, 2018

“2x more brand experiences happen on mobile than anywhere else, including TV, in-store, computer, etc.*

The fact that mobile usage is on the rise is not at all surprising. It’s estimated that the number of connected mobile devices will top 50 billion by 2020. We all personally know the power that a mobile device has on our purchasing decisions, how quickly we can access information, how we keep in touch with people, and how we share with the world what we care about and why.

But the real question is, are nonprofits adjusting to this momentous growth and crafting customer experiences accordingly?

CrowdRise by GoFundMe is proud to have built a fully mobile responsive fundraising platform and, at post date, is the only fully responsive platform for nonprofit growth in the industry. And, that includes both the nonprofit organizer experience as well as every screen of a nonprofit’s peer-to-peer supporter experience (donation, fundraiser creation, peer-to-peer and DIY fundraiser management, campaign updates, and more.)

An experience designed for how the world lives

Mobile-responsive design is an approach aimed at providing an optimal user experience across a wide range of devices, such as mobile phones and tablets. This essentially means easy reading and navigation with little to no resizing, panning, or scrolling — no matter the device.

Think about the last time you had a really great experience on a mobile phone. Let’s say you forgot to order a birthday gift for someone. You get on your phone, find something on Amazon, add it to your cart, and within 3 minutes, problem solved.

Now think about the last time your mobile experience was less than optimal. Maybe you wanted to sign your kid up for a summer camp session. The mobile site is not responsive on your phone, so you have to zoom in, scroll to the ‘register’ button, then zoom out to see what the page says, and search around for the payment button. The whole clunky experience makes you less than trusting of the site, so you probably end up either waiting until you’re at a desktop or, way worse, you forget it all together.

Designed for you and your supporters

Designed for the nonprofit

At CrowdRise, we listened to our nonprofit customers when they said they wanted to get more done, work faster, and spend less time messing around with complicated campaign management and set up processes.

We took that feedback to heart and designed the new CrowdRise to have the best fundraising experience on a mobile device in the industry. Nonprofits are now able to easily create, launch, customize, and manage their campaigns at their convenience whether it’s on mobile or desktop.

You could be at an event and want to send your fundraisers a real-time update, or maybe you’re on the train and forgot to update your goal. Now you can do all of this directly from your mobile device in an easy and intuitive way. It’s organized around an ‘anytime, anywhere’ approach, so that you can do more the way you want to when you want to. And there’s an immense power when you’re able to pivot on the fly, customize when you want, and have it all be an experience that is both beautiful and easy to manage.

Designed for your supporters

We like to think of CrowdRise as an extension of your team as well as an extension of your brand. So, when we designed the platform to be mobile responsive, we also had your supporters in mind. If they have a positive experience interacting with the site while creating a fundraiser, supporting your cause, or managing their campaign, we know that they will be more likely to come back and do it again and again.

Your supporters could be a part of a team in a large, organized event, or even a DIY fundraiser setting up their own campaign. Either way, these supporters will be able to seamlessly search for your nonprofit, give to your cause, join a team, set up a fundraiser, upload pictures, send updates, share their fundraiser on social, and even thank donors right from their mobile device. Whenever they want.

89% of people are likely to recommend a brand after a positive brand experience on mobile.*

A few other things

We know we may be starting to sound like a broken record, but the sheer amount of mobile-responsive features that are now baked into the platform experience are just so incredible, we have to mention a few more:

Preview tool  

You’re now able to work on creating and customizing your campaign behind the scenes until it’s perfect. Everything you work on in draft mode will show you a live preview so you can see how it will all look, and as soon as you hit publish, it’ll go live. This is entirely mobile responsive so you can create, preview, and publish a campaign on your mobile device.

Social sharing

CrowdRise by GoFundMe is optimized for social fundraising with features like our baked-in Social Amp™. By optimizing for social sharing, your donors, fundraiser, supporters, and even visitors are guided through a user experience designed to increase social sharing. And, it’s entirely mobile responsive.

Donation flow

The donation flow is beautifully designed for every device and optimized for donation conversion. Our zero friction donate process ensures your donors always have a positive experience giving to your cause regardless of where they choose to give from.

Mobile devices make up over 79% of the traffic and 62% of the donations to campaigns.

Campaign Hub

With our brand new Campaign Hub, you’ll be able to easily create new campaigns, view campaigns, edit campaigns, manage campaigns, send campaign emails, view reports, and delete campaigns. And you guessed it… all from your mobile device.

Nonprofit profile page

The CrowdRise nonprofit profile got a redesign for mobile as well. The nonprofit profile is a place to tell your organization’s story, outline your mission, and add supporting pictures, videos, and links. It also showcases all of your live fundraising campaigns. With the world doing the majority of their research on their mobile devices, having this mobile-responsive profile page allows your supporters to easily get a snapshot of your cause so they can donate, start a fundraiser, or learn more.voamid_profile_mobileThe future is here

Adopting a mobile-first mentality will very quickly be key to retaining supporters, growing as a nonprofit, and staying relevant. Our ultimate goal is your fundraising success, and so by providing a fully responsive out-of -the-box fundraising platform, we’re helping you to focus on the things that make your campaigns more impactful and successful.New call-to-actionNew call-to-action

*According to Think with Google

Justin McAuley

Justin McAuley is the Head of Product at CrowdRise. Before joining CrowdRise, Justin created #1 ranked iPhone applications. He's passionate about creating simple and beautiful products. In his spare time, he likes to eat his nephews' Cheez-Its and Teddy Grahams.