Connecting with Gen Z supporters

on August 15, 2018

Gen Zs are a fast-growing, diverse generation with a population size larger than that of Baby Boomers or even Millennials. And this tech-savvy generation has their own unique ways of showing the world what they care about, placing high value on the act of helping others.inBlog_GenZReady to learn how your nonprofit can meet Gen Zs where they’re at and engage them at a level that works best for them?Gen-Z-Report

Gary Wohlfeill

Gary Wohlfeill is the Director of Marketing at CrowdRise. He works with partners to develop highly engaging fundraising campaigns, and leads the marketing team in developing the CrowdRise brand. Gary has been named as having the “3rd best haircut of people under 6 feet tall at CrowdRise" and hopes one day to slip to 4th.