Modernize the donate button on your website

on September 27, 2016

CrowdRise can power the donate button on your website, bringing a mobile friendly and seamless donation process to all your donors.

Based on feedback from thousands of our charity partners, we’ve developed a modern, simple, and effective donate button that you can use to power donations directly from your site. It’s customized to fit your organization’s brand and will work seamlessly and securely on desktop and mobile devices. It’s pretty amazing and here’s the breakdown on everything the donate button brings to the table.

*We didn’t actually do a survey to get this number. Had we done a survey, guessing we'd be sort of close.

New CrowdRise Donate button


No platform fees

There are no platform fees, only credit card fees (as low as 2.2%). And we give your donors the option to cover these fees getting you closer to cost-free fundraising. For real.

Branded & customizable

We handle all of the hosting and security for the donation process, but donors will feel like they never left your site. You can custom brand your donate page and donor receipt which is amazing because branded donate pages have a 37% higher average donation than unbranded donate pages.

Modern & fully responsive

The donate flow is clean, simple and so intuitive. And since it’s fully responsive, it works seamlessly across all mobile devices and browsers. Such a huge game-changer for most charity partners.

Recurring donations

Monthly giving is one of the fastest growing forms of online giving, and we've optimized the donation process to easily handle recurring donations. In one fell swoop you’ll solve your need for a responsive donation process and your desire to start building a base of monthly donors.


The most innovative charities have a Fundraise button right next to their Donate button. We can make that happen for you with a single line of code. The goal is to turn your most passionate supporters into fundraisers. A $50 donor is amazing but a $500 or $1000 fundraiser is a game changer. The American Red Cross, UNICEF, and the International Rescue Committee have already launched fundraise buttons on their sites, and we can get yours live in a day. And, just like the donate button, it can be custom-branded for your charity.

Social sharing

We’ve been helping our charity partners raise money for over 6 years. Our proven social sharing methods within the donation process can lead to 3x as many donations.

Smart saved card technology

Smart saved card technology means that donations will still be processed successfully even if the donor's credit card expires or they get a new card number. It's amazing technology that works with most credit cards, and will instantly increase your volume, especially valuable as you build a base of monthly donors.

Centralized reporting and CRM integrations

CrowdRise is integrated with Salesforce, plus other leading CRM systems. We also offer an API and you have full access to the CrowdRise Report Center, where you can see donor and fundraiser activity all in one place and all in real time.

Donate Button is Secure and Reliable

CrowdRise and our payment partners are PCI Compliant and can handle massive volume. We work with the largest charity and event partners in the world so there is no need to worry about security or scale.

When you're ready to get your donate button or if you have any questions at all , please shoot us an email at and we'll dig in.