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Marathon fundraising: Making a huge impact

on October 28, 2016

Running a marathon. What an accomplishment. 26.2 miles of physical and mental perseverance. The people who run them are incredible and we should all be inspired by their determination. But marathon fundraising is also a big deal. Setting aside the physical and mental awesomeness of these runners, most people participating in big races like the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon and the TCS New York City Marathon are also fundraising for the causes that mean the most to them. And they are all so successful in leveraging their athletic goals and pursuits for raising money for places that need it the most. It’s such a win-win that it almost doesn’t seem possible. But it is.

We run Chicago

While the Cubs keep Chicago in a frenzy, the city is still coming down from an amazing marathon earlier this month, where over $2.2 million was raised by nearly 200 charity teams. And these donations came from almost 10,000 people. Talk about crowdfunding for a cause. Check out the leaderboard, which was topped by Girls on the Run - an amazing org afterschool program for girls ages 8-14 that uses the power of running to inspire them for a lifetime of self-respect and healthy living. This team alone team raised over $260,000 in donations for the marathon. Amazing.

Girls on the Run - marathon fundraising

Marathon Fundraising: We make it easy

So many of the top endurance events in the world trust CrowdRise as their fundraising platform. Ironman, Tough Mudder and the John Hancock Boston Marathon (which raised over $27 million last year alone) ar just a few examples of larger events. But we also offer full support and registration integration for more medium- and small- sized events all across the country, because we want to ensure that everybody has a chance to give back while pushing themselves to their limits. Now get out there and start training. And pick a cause that you want to do it for.