CrowdRise Spotlight

November's most Decent Humans

on November 18, 2016

The world is full of Decent Humans. It’s awesome and inspiring to see. Here are the some of the most amazing campaigns going on right now: November's Most Decent Humans.

Kayla Decent Human CrowdRise

Get Kayla to Boston Children’s Hospital

Kayla is a smart, athletic, beautiful 15-year-old girl and she's a fighter. Since her first visit to the hospital at 6 weeks old, she has battled Respiratory Syncytial Virus, Type 1 Diabetes, Celiac disease, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteopenia/Osteoporosis and Addison Disease. Kayla receives monthly IV infusions to help her manage her pain. Despite all of these struggles, Kayla is still crushing it - maintaining a GPA of almost 4.0 while playing soccer, helping coach her little sister's soccer team and also helping with her sister's Camp Fire and Girl Scout troops. Amazing. Check it out.

Fashion Decent Human CrowdRise

Decent Humans using Fashion for Good

Using fashion and beauty to pamper and empower women. As founder Mary Alice Stephenson says, “After 15 years of working in the fashion and beauty industries, I asked myself if all the magazine covers, celebrities and advertising campaigns I styled had done anything to truly empower women and girls and the answer that came back was NO.” Check out Glam4Good here.

Climate change Decent Human CrowdRise

Decent Humans own their climate impact

Commuting to work, the trips we take, the things we eat, the clothes we wear all adds up to create climate impact. Understanding how your climate impact compares to an easy-to-grasp benchmark is the first step to making a tangible difference. CarboTax’s goal is to incentivize people for digging in and impacting climate change through political, charitable and lifestyle actions.

Music Decent Human CrowdRise

Over 130 new instruments are going to deserving kids

The Music Forward community is CrowdRising to give new instruments to 200 deserving kids in 14 cities across the US. The campaign gives aspiring young musicians a chance to nurture their passion, strengthen their talents, expand their possibilities and pursue their lifetime goals on a brand new instrument they can call their own.

Decent Humans CrowdRise

Join the movement

Decent Humans drop everything to help the homeless; we travel the globe to aid refugees and we understand that helping our friends, neighbors and even strangers is something you just gotta do. When you see someone wearing a Decent Human tee, you know that they're a part of a special movement that's relentless about giving back.