Raise more money with the CrowdRise campaign update tool

on August 31, 2016

We just launched an awesome new update tool so your supporters can post real-time campaign updates right from their fundraising page. The reason that you'll care is because fundraisers who send at least one campaign update raise, on average, 3 times more and have 4 times the repeat donor rate than the average fundraiser. In other words, this stuff works really, really well.

With a couple taps on their phone, fundraisers can send pictures, messages and soon, original videos without having to first link to YouTube or Vimeo. Imagine a runner on your team sending a thank you message and pic right after she crosses the finish line. Or, one of your volunteers posting a video about how the money he's raising is helping to build a school as he's laying the bricks to build it. Really powerful stuff.


Before building the update tool, we gathered data across millions of fundraising campaigns and found that the single best way to raise more money for your cause is by keeping your community engaged. It makes sense, just think about the causes you support and what keeps you coming back. The real trick is making it easy for the campaign organizer to drive engagement throughout a campaign. So we set out to solve that. 

Update tool: So easy

Our new Campaign Update Tool makes it super easy for all users (nonprofit partners, event organizers and individual fundraisers) to post updates. And when we say easy, we mean 30 seconds easy, not like doing your tax returns easy. Quick easy updates make everyone feel great. Easy for your fundraisers to do on the fly and it provides amazing feedback for the donors who are supporting your cause. It all happens in real-time so when you want to tell donors “We’re 50% to goal and these are the animals you’re helping to save”, you can jump in to make an update, add a pic, type your message and post. Plus when the updates are posted, they automatically push a custom email out to all the fundraisers and donors who are supporting the campaign. And that's just the start.


Update tool: So powerful

These email updates come from the fundraiser organizer and get an alarmingly high 64% open rate. Which means more exposure and money raised for your cause.  So if you donated to your friend Steve's campaign to help Louisiana flood victims and Steve posted an update on his fundraiser, you get an email from Steve with all the info he included in his update. It's a game-changer and is very clearly leading to more donations for your cause.

The impact since launching the update tool has been amazing. Campaigns that use our update tool raise 3x more money and have 4x more repeat donors than campaigns that don't use the tool. Pretty convincing and the more you use the update tool, the more your donors will engage.

And it becomes even more impactful as a nonprofit or event organizer because all the individual fundraisers within your campaign, are  leveraging the tool to keep their donors updated. It's really incredible to see and such a huge value add for when selecting CrowdRise for your fundraising campaign.

Update Tool: So many uses

You can use the update tool for virtually anything you want to tell the whole group of donors and you can do it at anypoint in the campaign. Just for fun, here are some awesome examples of the update tool in action:

  1. General Updates - "We just reached $5,000!"
  2. Quick Call to Action. - "Our match ends tomorrow. Give now to double your impact!"
  3. Personal Stories - "Christopher's chemo treatment is on Friday - Thanks for thinking of us"
  4. Show Impact - "Because of your support we were able to rebuild the Smith's home"
  5. You can even use it to send thank-you's to all of your supporters. - "We did it - Thanks so much"

The update tool is so easy to use and so, so powerful that it probably sounds too good to be the time I got a second glance at the coffee shop or when I got home and someone had already taken out the garbage. But it is true and it’s already ready for you to start using and it's already changing the game for thousands of fundraisers right now.