Fundraising Marketing

Mobile fundraising for your nonprofit

on August 10, 2016

You've heard it over and over: mobile is the future. But really, it's the present.

Over 56% of all Facebook users access the platform through mobile, 54% of all emails are opened on a phone or tablet and over 60% of fundraising and donation activity on CrowdRise is done on mobile devices. And the numbers are only trending up. Like way up.

What does this mean for you?

Now, more than ever, it's imperative that when you ask your community to donate or fundraise, you're pointing them to a process that is optimized for mobile. By not pointing to a mobile-friendly experience, you're creating friction in the donation and fundraising process and potentially scaring off people who are ready to support your organization. There's an easy fix to this.

CrowdRise fundraising pages are optimized for mobile

We have worked tirelessly to ensure that all of our fundraiser pages are fully responsive for mobile devices. This means that your fundraising pages will always display beautifully no matter what type of device your donors and fundraisers are using. Users will be met with crisp photos, prominently-placed social share buttons and, most importantly, a big donate button that no one can miss. And the donate process couldn't be easier or more beautiful than what you'll get on CrowdRise. Less friction means more money for your cause. And that's what matters. Here's an example of the flow from landing page to donation. Couldn't be easier.


It's in our DNA

CrowdRise is powered by an awesome group of team members who have a background in eCommerce and User Experience design. We're always pulling ideas down from the retail environment to make our processes as seamless and beautiful as what you experience when you're buying a jacket or ordering an Uber. Donating and fundraising should be easy and fun...that's what we're all about. So get started right now with your online fundraiser. You can be up-and-running in less than a minute - and have a beautiful mobile experience baked right into your fundraising platform. Just like some of the largest nonprofits in the world do it.