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The lowest online fundraising rates

on September 12, 2016

Nonprofit organizations spend an average of 20% on fundraising expenses. This means that they spend $20 to make $100 - but they only get to keep $80. Or you know that fancy gala that raises $200,000? Only $160,000 of it actually goes to the charity. This is crazy. CrowdRise changes all that by delivering the lowest fundraising rates around.

At CrowdRise we believe that cost-free online fundraising is a reality, and we’ve designed our pricing structure around making it happen. The best part is we give your donors the option to cover the fees on their donation - which they do 95% of the time. That means if every donor covers the fee, 100% of what you raise on CrowdRise goes towards directly your mission. No more of that 80% nonsense.

The nuts and bolts

At CrowdRise have two pricing plans: The Fiver and The Tre. For both of these, CrowdRise collects a platform fee along with a credit card processing fee (no hidden fees to you, ever). And as we said before, donors have the option to cover these fees at checkout, which they do this the vast majority of the time. This gets more money to your cause. Ideally, 100%. So great.

lowest fundraising rates - CrowdRise

Lowest fundraising rates: The CrowdRise guarantee

And the best part is that we guarantee your pricing never exceeds the plan you choose. That means if you choose the Tre plan, you'll keep at least $97 of every $100 you raise. If you choose the free Fiver plan, you will keep at least $95 of every $100 you raise. Right now, over 3,500 charities are on CrowdRise Guaranteed Pricing and because so many donors choose to cover their fees, they're keeping an average of $98.40 of every $100 raised. That's an average of 1.6%, not that ridiculous industry standard of 20%. That’s by far the lowest pricing in the entire crowdfunding world.  And as we said, it's guaranteed.

We're always here to help. Always.

And CrowdRise never stops. We pride ourself on providing dedicated, full-service support to you and your entire community. We’re relentless about customer service and won’t sleep until you raise the funds you need - and answer any questions that you have. We’re available 24/7, including Sundays and holidays. Even Valentine's Day.