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International Youth Day

on August 08, 2016

International Youth Day is Friday, August 12th. And the general consensus here at CrowdRise is this: the children are our future.

First started in 1999, the theme of IYD 2016 is The Road to 2030: Eradicating Poverty and Achieving Sustainable Consumption and Production and it focuses on “the leading role of young people in ensuring poverty eradication and achieving sustainable development through sustainable consumption and production.” And in all seriousness, we think that that there are few things more important than this.

We see it every day on CrowdRise: children doing amazing things. Whether it's saving animals for their mitzvah project, or donating their birthday to help ALS research or creating a virtual lemonade stand to help kids in Africa access clean drinking water, kids are embracing the power of crowdfunding. It amazing to see the next generation using technology to change the game and help others in completely new and innovative ways. Here are just a few examples to inspire you - and let you know what International Youth Day is all about.

International Youth Day: Helping terminally ill children

Madi Groharing is a soon-to-be fifth grader who started an amazing community service project last school year. She researched and found an online registry of sick and terminally ill children across the country and she went into each and every one of the classrooms in her school and shared the story of one of the children. She had each class "adopt" a different child by creating cards for them and included them in a care package. She also included a prayer bear in each package that will recite the goodnight prayer. She's raised nearly $2,000 on CrowdRise, which allowed her to send over 60 of these care packages. You can donate to her ongoing campaign here and check out this video of her talking about the campaign. So awesome.


International Youth Day: Giving selflessly

10-year-old Grif is waiting to learn if he has pediatric carcinoid cancer, an extremely rare condition that takes years to properly diagnose. As he waits, he's raising money for St. Jude's Children's Hospital because, as he says, "I want to help kids who know they definitely have cancer, whether I have it or not." Truly amazing. He's raised nearly $7,500. But the inspiration he's putting out there is priceless. And here's his video thanking donors.


International Youth Day: Making the best of a situation

Presyce Baez is a singer and songwriter who graduated from high school earlier this year after emancipating himself from a difficult family situation. His dream is to work in music, but knows that he must gain skills and experience so that he can be successful. He's raising money to study at the Dark Horse Institute (a professional recording studio in Franklin, Tennessee, where he has already been accepted), purchase necessary musical equipment and cover basic living expenses. His immediate goal is to support himself in the world and take the path necessary to be a success in the sound engineering industry. But he is thinking big as his ultimate goal is to create a series of music centered facilities/organizations, which will include music/performance venues, instrumental schools, vocal schools, charities and a studio. By donating to his CrowdRise fundraiser, people can invest in Presyce’s future and set him up to achieve his dreams and make a lifetime of impact on others. This kid is making moves.

International Youth Day

These are just three examples of the hundreds of fundraisers we have on CrowdRise where kids are showing us how it's done. So in honor of International Youth Day 2016, why don't you donate to a child out there who's trying to improve the world. Or better yet, have any kids in your life set up online fundraising pages on CrowdRise and start making the world a better place. Remember, they're the future.