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Feature spotlight: Ease of use

“The human attention span has fallen from 12 seconds to 8 seconds… shorter than a goldfish.*”

Feature spotlight: Mobile fundraising platform

“2x more brand experiences happen on mobile than anywhere else, including TV, in-store, computer, etc.*”

Some amazing changes coming to CrowdRise

When it comes to fundraising, we know how important it is for nonprofits to work faster and get more done. So we’ve been building a bunch of new, even...

Product Marketing

How we innovated nonprofit fundraising fees

There have always been costs associated with nonprofit fundraising. Whether it’s renting the hall for your dinner event, the fee your bank charges for...

Fundraising Product

Ticketing made easy

For most nonprofits, live events are an integral component of expanding your network, engaging your supporters, and of course, raising more money. And...


Social Amp™ Initiative is changing the face of online giving

Since CrowdRise joined GoFundMe in January, we’ve been evolving into something bigger and better. One of the first things we did was start being much ...


Why you need to be doing video campaign updates

If you’ve created a fundraiser, you know that updates are really important. Keeping donors up to speed on your campaign’s progress is a big part of th...