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20 nonprofit discounts we think you should know about

on January 16, 2018

We’ve scoured the web to find the best and most beneficial discounts for nonprofits. Because... well, who doesn’t love a good discount.

Here we go...

Discounted advertising

Google AdWords

If you don’t already know, Google offers qualifying nonprofits $10,000 a month (you read that right) in free ads using their Google Ad Grant program. By displaying ads to people who are searching for nonprofits like yours, this is free money that you can’t afford not to use. Additionally, Google also offers their G Suite to nonprofits for free.

PVBLIC Foundation

PVBLIC Foundation is an innovative non-profit media organization that harnesses the power of media to drive social change. Nonprofits that use the PVBLIC Foundation to buy media for advertising campaigns get access to deeper discounts than they could get on their own. The discount changes depending on the type of media and the amount of advertising the nonprofit is looking to use.

Email services


This email service allows you to easily manage your list and create beautiful emails for your supporters. They have a ‘forever free’ plan that allows you to send 12,000 total emails per month with up to 2,000 total subscribers across all lists in that account. However, if you have more than 2,000 email contacts, they offer up to 15% off for nonprofits.


Another email service, VerticalResponse gives nonprofits up to 10,000 emails per month for free. And, if you’re a higher-volume sender, they also offer 15% off monthly plans.


SendGrid gives documented 501c3’s a 15% discount on their email solutions after signing up. Just check out their FAQs here.


Used by over 120,000+ small businesses, bloggers, and entrepreneurs around the world, AWeber gives nonprofits three months free and then 25% off thereafter.


This email provider offers nonprofits 50% off for life. Learn more here.

File transfer services


WeTransfer doesn’t have a discount in a traditional sense, but it’s worth mentioning that it does allow you to send large documents for free as long as you’re working with files 2GB or smaller. And 2GB is pretty big... so it should get the job done the majority of the time.


If you’re looking for a secure file sharing and storage solution, Dropbox offers nonprofits a discount. All you have to do is contact their customer service to start the process.



By joining the Salesforce Power of Us program, you’ll have access to products and resources to help expand your impact, as well as donated subscriptions and deep discounts on additional subscriptions, products, and/or services.


By contacting their customer service team, Zoho offers nonprofit discounts on their CRM suite.

Video production services


When you join YouTube’s Impact Lab, you’ll unlock powerful tools designed to help people engage with and support your mission. You can use YouTube production facilities, take tailored courses for social impact, and direct viewers towards external campaign pages and URLs.

Social networks


LinkedIn helps you find the employees, donors, board members, and volunteers you need at a ‘significant’ discount.


By allowing you to schedule all of your social media posts in one place, Buffer helps streamline your social presence and also gives you a killer discount. We’re talking 50%. Or, said another way, half off.

Online forms


Wufoo offers 50% to all nonprofits.This service creates contact forms, online surveys, and invitations so you can collect the data, registrations, and payments you need.



Moz is a tool for measuring, monitoring, and evaluating the onsite and offsite aspects of your website’s level of SEO (search engine optimization.) And, their Moz Pro Standard plan for nonprofits starts at just $24.75/month.


By helping you create and find engaging content that drives support and donations to your cause, BuzzSumo offers up their Pro plans at a deep discount.



Evernote allows you to capture, organize, and share notes from anywhere. It’s a really great organizational tool and is available at a discount for nonprofits with five or more users.


Have you ever wanted to make those really fun and beautiful infographics to show impact or tell a story to your supporters? Piktochart allows you to easily look like a pro, and, they offer a discount to get you started.

So there you have it, twenty nonprofit discounts (we counted Google twice) designed to help you accelerate your business, make your job easier, and allow you to spend more time doing what really matters... saving the world.

Mallory Hinz

Mallory Hinz is the Head of Success and Services at CrowdRise. She’s always been passionate about giving back and has become fascinated (okay, a little obsessed) by the evolution of fundraising so she loves bringing that same energy to helping charities/events raise money for their amazing causes. Mallory believes in coffee and pie as a way of life.