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5 charity tees I'd actually wear

It was a few years back when I first saw it. Someone on the street wearing a Club Sandwiches Not Seals hoody. In those two seconds it took me to read ...

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Could everyone be getting social fundraising wrong?

 We hear it often called ‘peer-to-peer’, ‘crowdfunding’, ‘P2P’, and a few other things. Social fundraising is definitely being talked about in both th...


Why you need to be doing video campaign updates

If you’ve created a fundraiser, you know that updates are really important. Keeping donors up to speed on your campaign’s progress is a big part of th...


How charities get me to donate every time

I’d only been working at CrowdRise for a week the first time it happened. I didn’t even realize it. I was just researching causes, exploring various n...

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CrowdRise joins GoFundMe



4 reasons why using the Campaign Update Tool will raise more for your organization in December

With just a few weeks left to make tax-deductible donations, using the campaign update tool to easily and quickly reach every donor who gave to your f...

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November's most Decent Humans

The world is full of Decent Humans. It’s awesome and inspiring to see. Here are the some of the most amazing campaigns going on right now: November's ...

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Giving Tower is almost here

November 22nd is the launch of our biggest Challenge of the year - the CrowdRise Holiday Charity Challenge which features the Giving Tower on #GivingT...


Veterans Day and crowdfunding

Veterans Day in the United States is commemorated on November 11th. The holiday honors all American veterans who have ever served their country. It is...

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Marathon fundraising: Making a huge impact

Running a marathon. What an accomplishment. 26.2 miles of physical and mental perseverance. The people who run them are incredible and we should all b...

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Decent Humans - October 2016

The world is full of Decent Humans. It’s an awesome and inspiring reality. And here are some of the most amazing campaigns going on right now on Crowd...

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Why we love charity: water on Instagram

It’s hard not to love charity: water. They’re a crazy successful organization that for the last ten years has been at the forefront of getting clean w...


Modernize the donate button on your website

CrowdRise can power the donate button on your website, bringing a mobile friendly and seamless donation process to all your donors.


Amazing charities spotlight: Shootout for Soldiers

Shootout for Soldiers is a great organization and they do so many things really, really well. They have a great mission: to use the platform of lacros...

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The lowest online fundraising rates

Nonprofit organizations spend an average of 20% on fundraising expenses. This means that they spend $20 to make $100 - but they only get to keep $80. ...

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September 11th: Organizations making an impact

As the Tribute in Light has again begun illuminating the skies above where the twin towers once stood, we’re jolted to reflection upon our country - a...


Raise more money with the CrowdRise campaign update tool

We just launched an awesome new update tool so your supporters can post real-time campaign updates right from their fundraising page. The reason that ...


Women's Equality Day

Women’s Equality Day was first designated by Congress on August 26th, 1971. If that date sounds familiar it's because it was on that day in 1920 that ...

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Mobile fundraising for your nonprofit

You've heard it over and over: mobile is the future. But really, it's the present.

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International Youth Day

International Youth Day is Friday, August 12th. And the general consensus here at CrowdRise is this: the children are our future.