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Event Fundraising: CrowdRise Tips

on March 02, 2016

Across the crowdfunding industry, fundraising around endurance events and races has become insanely popular. And CrowdRise is no exception. The race space is where we got our start, and our entire event fundraising platform has been optimized to crush it for our race partners.

You Can Be Tough and Also Be a Badass Online Fundraiser

A good example of what we're talking about here is Tough Mudder (one of our favorite partners). Check out their page to see all of their upcoming races as well as the total raised by the Mudders. It's really awesome to see the total impact of the Tough Mudder community and its so easy for Mudders to set up their own event fundraising and start changing the world.

Event fundraising

The Biggest and Best Marathons are Fans of Crowdfunding

Another example was the 2015 John Hancock Boston Marathon. The CrowdRise community raised over $26.7 MILLION for various charities. That's over a milli for every mile. We said 'milli' right there to sound cool but sorta regretting it now. Regardless of word choice, that's a whole mess of money for lots of really awesome organizations and we're just tickled to be part of it all. Also regretting saying 'tickled' just then.

Detroit: Where Online Fundraising History Was Made

Next let’s take a deeper look at the Detroit Marathon, which you should know, is near and dear to us since we're in Detroit. It's true. Historically, runs have an unbelievable event fundraising firepower but without CrowdRise, it happens all over the internet and through old-school stuff like checks and cash money. It's was messy plus in the end there was no great way for the marathon partner to own the narrative and know how much money was raised.

We're changing that by working closely with the Detroit Marathon to get their fundraising community under one umbrella as opposed to all over the internet (which was a huge entity made up of at least 150 different websites).

Leveraging our technology, charities can go beyond the reach of their runners. So now, runners can ask their friends and family to donate, but they can also ask them fundraise along side them. It's pretty powerful stuff and every runner has their own fundraising page to share, complete with social integration and real time donor info.

The impact is enormous and in 2015, the Detroit Marathon raised over $2.1 milli. Plus, it all happened in one spot which made things super easy for the charity partners and the runners. Plus, plus the Detroit Marathon has a central page to point to when telling their philanthropic narrative.

What happened in Detroit is indicative of a larger picture of how we see CrowdRise. It's a platform you can use to create your own fundraisers and launch your charitable life. One day you're using it to raise money via your favorite event. Then, you're donating your birthday and launching a fundraiser to help your friend who's battling cancer. It's powerful stuff and it's the best way to do some good and make an impact.