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Cool Things We Like: Charitable Wedding Registries

on November 18, 2015

Humans are getting married all the time and the vast majority of them create gift registries so their friends and family can easily get them the perfect set of towels or cutting board. Those kinds of registry gifts are awesome and no question how key a toaster oven can be when you're just trying to reheat a couple slices of pizza but for couples who already have all that stuff or just want to do some good, the CrowdRise charitable wedding registries fill a void that no 16 speed blender can touch.

It's an awesome model that is gaining a crazy amount of momentum. Here's a quote from one lovely couple about why they chose a charity registration "When we got married, everyone kept asking what they could get us. It was really kind, but we already had everything we needed. By setting up a charitable wedding registry, people were able to feel like they were supporting us and it all went to a great cause." Pretty cool, right?

Charitable Wedding Registry with The Knot

We partnered up with the wedding planning powerhouse, The Knot to create easier ways for people to have their loved ones give the gift of giving back. For those of who not familiar with The Knot, future newlyweds use it (among many other wedding planning services they offer) to create a central hub registry where guests can access the couple’s individual registries from places like Macys, Crate & Barrel, Target, and Williams-Sonoma. And our partnership with them gave couples a way to add a CrowdRise-based charity registry to their hub. Some people choose to have physical gifts as well as charity gifts as part of their registry but other lovey dovey duos go all in and just do a charity registry. The beauty of the system is that it gives soon-to-be-newlyweds a huge amount of flexibility in what they choose to do.

So let’s take a look at some couples who are embracing the IYDGBNOWLY ethos.

Hockey players aren’t just the tough guys and girls we see on the ice

Meet Mike and Julianne.

You know what? We’ll just let them explain where they’re coming from:

Welcome to our wedding registry!

In lieu of registering for gifts, we have decided that the gifts we would appreciate most are those that benefit others. Nothing would make us happier than for you to learn about a wonderful organization, whose cause means so much to us.

It was through Mike’s lifelong passion for ice hockey and special needs coaching, that we came upon SNAP Sports. Mike has been the Head Coach of the Valencia SNAP Flyers Special Needs Hockey Club since their inception in 2012, and he devotes countless hours developing young adults with special needs to become well-adjusted, highly-valued members of their community. We believe in their mission to bring sports-based activities to a highly underserved population, and we would like for you to know more about the joy this bring to our lives.

With love and gratitude,

Mike and Julianne

Well, shoot. This is just lovely. As an update, they got married last month and raised $2,425 for SNAP Sports. So great.

Giving back to help the loved ones in our lives

Devon Still and his daughter Leah have an amazing story. Seriously, just read this, like right now. Devon and his fiancee, Asha, are also The Knot’s 2016 Dream Wedding couple - and have chosen to register for organizations that benefit pediatric cancer research in honor of Leah.


Giving back to our animal friends

Henry and Coco got married last week. And they set the goal of raising $20,000 for homeless pets and the promotion of responsible pet ownership. And the beauty of charitable wedding registries is that anyone can give. You don’t have to know the couple to support a good cause that they support. And they still have a ways to go to reach $20,000 - so we think you know what to do.

Because an amazing way of giving back is to do it in the name of two people who are in love and want to spread more love across this great big earth of ours.